Writing Frustrations and Bird Poop

Bird poop is not pleasant. It’s messy, and one of the worst offenders around here right now are the robins. Once winter is on the wane, I’m always delighted to welcome the earliest robins. They’re harbingers of spring, after all, and that makes me smile. By summertime, however, I’ve begun to tire of the white accumulations that adorn our deckContinue reading “Writing Frustrations and Bird Poop”

Things In Common, Or Not

They arrive together, an unlikely pair – a female Red-winged Blackbird and a Black-capped Chickadee.  Sometimes the male Blackbird comes, too, and then the Chickadee waits on the sidelines, resting on the tip of a cedar trellis for his turn at the birdseed. They’re here every morning for breakfast before the other chirpy horde arrives.Continue reading “Things In Common, Or Not”

Held Hostage by a Robin

On May 12th I commented on the annoying antics of a resident robin. Six days later he is no longer “fluttering at” our windows, but throwing himself against them! One by one I have closed every blind in the house.   This morning resounding thumps wakened us at 6:30 a.m. He had found the onlyContinue reading “Held Hostage by a Robin”

Cheekiness Personified!

What a brat! We refill our birdfeeder whenever its emptiness threatens a famine for our favourite birds, usually once a week. Top-ups have been happening with increasing frequency, however, since a non-feathered diner discovered the easy pickings.   Yesterday the squirrel managed to dislodge the lid so he could climb right inside the seed-filled cylinder. Continue reading “Cheekiness Personified!”

Becoming Visible

. Visibility can be a good thing (or not) depending on the circumstances. For the large Northern Flicker on the fir tree outside my window seclusion seems to be a priority. He hovers there, checking out conditions at the suet feeder before homing in for breakfast, but whenever I step close to the window heContinue reading “Becoming Visible”