Finding the Missing Bee… er, Word

The bees are busy around here this week. There is a very fragrant lilac bush at one corner of our back deck, and I can hear the buzz whenever I approach it. They like the new columbines, too, and the rhododendrons. I get that. After all, the fragrance of lilacs, rhoddies and columbines is appealing.Continue reading “Finding the Missing Bee… er, Word”

Take one character and call me in the morning…

.  Are you a writer who creates a cast of characters, or do characters evolve from your stories, appearing one at a time on that old ‘need to know’ basis? Twelve years ago (can it really be that long?) I was hired as a consultant for the filming of Best In Show, a CastleRock “mock-umentary”Continue reading “Take one character and call me in the morning…”

Lies and Truth Revealed

The day cometh and now is… that I must admit to my “bald faced lies” and disclose the truth. Further to Tuesday’s post where I acknowledged receiving the “creative writer” award from Joylene Butler, I’m here today to reveal all. Yea, Carol Benedict! You were the only person to guess correctly. #3 is absolutely true.Continue reading “Lies and Truth Revealed”