A View Obscured (or… looking for my novel’s perfect ending)

We’re driving along – actually hubby is driving; I’m enjoying the view. I grab my camera, aim at a passing landscape, only to have a tree flash past my lens just as I click the shutter. Drat! Thankfully, digital cameras have a ‘delete’ button. No wasted photo, just a wasted opportunity. Another time while outContinue reading “A View Obscured (or… looking for my novel’s perfect ending)”

“For the Beauty of the Earth…”

During our travels this past weekend we climbed mountain passes where cooler temperatures had created autumn’s colours in all their God-given glory. The first couple verses of Pierpoint’s hymn, “For the Beauty of the Earth” repeatedly sang themselves in my head and made my heart join in: For the beauty of the earth, For the gloryContinue reading ““For the Beauty of the Earth…””

Winter Metamorphosis

Long rays of late afternoon sunlight slant through snow-frosted trees behind our house. Frigid temperatures have already arrived although winter is still officially two days away.   There’s something about colours on a clear winter day that defies logic. Skies aren’t just blue, they’re a vivid azure. Evergreen trees change colour and become a blackenedContinue reading “Winter Metamorphosis”