Doing little and getting behind in everything (aka Multi-tasking)

It’s BC’s newest holiday today — Family Day. I suppose that makes it excusable to take the day off, but truthfully, I wasn’t going to be doing much today anyway. It’s a Monday, after all… my day to tackle whatever appeals to me. I caught up on some necessary correspondence over the weekend and today am back at the history project I mentioned last Friday.

Dr. Alexander Dunn - first Presbyterian minister in BC's Fraser Valley

Dr. Alexander Dunn – first Presbyterian minister in BC’s Fraser Valley

Being “back at it” is misleading. What I’m doing is a little like researching for a novel and never quite getting started on the actual writing. I’m still gathering, sorting, planning and yet not making significant headway towards producing the final album. Digging through fascinating old documents has become an insidious addiction. As I dig, the dust and dirty dishes accumulate. Fortunately the dishes hide in the dishwasher. When we’re almost out of clean ones my hubby hits the switch. (Gotta love modern conveniences and liberated men!)

When I was a working woman I would have said I multitasked quite well. Now that I’m retired I can’t seem to focus on more than one task at a time. If I start more than one, none of them gets finished. I’m resigned to picking just one thing and seeing it through to conclusion. This month’s ‘one thing’ is our church history. St. Valentine’s Day is this week. Last year I baked special goodies for the occasion, but I’m not sure that will happen this time. Depends on how much progress I make on this history thing.

How are you at multitasking? What suffers most when you’re engrossed in a writing/research project?

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