Roaming Bookstores and Seashores


Roaming a bookstore is something akin to roaming the seashore for me. There is exhilaration and discovery, the heady smell that is unique to the location. My daughter loves to do both, too, as her blog post and Flickr pictures yesterday attest.

Her enthusiasm for acquiring books reminded me of my recent visit to one of my favourite out-of-town haunts. A few days ago after travelling to my writing group meeting I took the rare opportunity to visit a mega Christian bookstore — Blessings Christian Marketplace.  I was looking for a particular book, which I didn’t find, but I still came home with four others! It just isn’t possible to escape a bookstore with empty hands!

Books by Mary Connealy

As I browsed the shelves it was a delight to discover the books of people I’ve encountered online. It felt a little like running into friends in the crowded city. Or coming upon an eagle “perusing the menu” on the salt washed shore. What are the odds, I often wonder after such encounters.

Seeing the books was a strange sensation… there was a recognition that sparked pride in the authors’ accomplishment. It made me wonder how I will feel the day I see my own title among them, if that day ever comes. At this stage of my writing career I can’t imagine it. But the sight ignited my enthusiasm to continue working towards that day.

The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund

Code Blue by Richard Mabry

Books by James Scott Bell

What emotions do you experience when you visit your bookstore or library, or are you just focused on locating a book?


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Cancelled Opportunities

Word has come down the pipe that this year’s BookExpo Canada and the Toronto Book Fair have both been cancelled. “Our focus on the publishing industry now centres on our event in New York, and we look forward to serving the needs of our customers in North America most effectively with a singular event,” says Reed Exhibitions. Apparently three of Canada’s four major publishers had declined to participate this year.


I wonder what trickle-down impact this will have on Canadian authors in this already difficult economy for booksellers.

SiWC Afterthoughts

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Shari Green & Carol Garvin

Shari Green & Carol Garvin

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Purple tights - kc dyer
kc dyer



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Jack Whyte

Jack Whyte


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Information overload, overload, overload, overload… need sleep… system crash!