The right outlook makes a big difference during revisions!

. How many July days have you needed to keep a lamp lit the entire day? I clicked the switch on as I entered the family room yesterday morning and turned it out fifteen hours later.  The entire time I needed extra light to keep the day’s grey gloom at bay. The morning sky slouchedContinue reading “The right outlook makes a big difference during revisions!”


A Vocation or Avocation?

. How we think of ourselves can determine how others think of us.  Our attitude affects our demeanor, and that in turn affects how others respond to us. What does this have to do with writing? I believe respecting our right to be serious about our writing can determine whether we become known as wordContinue reading “A Vocation or Avocation?”

Finding Failure or Success

Success is a unisex commodity. Don’t we all like the feeling of being considered successful? It’s satisfying to feel in control and be functioning with efficiency, accomplishing what we set out to do. . The fact is, we don’t always accomplish what we intend. I’ve read that less than 10% of people manage to keepContinue reading “Finding Failure or Success”