The first of April brings a fresh writing challenge


Yes, I know it’s April Fool’s Day, but I don’t have any jokes, pranks or hoaxes to offer. My brain has been chugging along at half speed for a whole month. All through March I took part in ‘March Madness’, challenged to set goals for my writing, and work toward achieving them. I plugged away but didn’t succeed, at least not completely.

I set reasonable goals – in fact, they were rather wimpy compared to those of several other participants – but I let myself get sidetracked with a church history project, a recuperating hubby, various family visits, the arrival of Spring, and a week’s focus on Easter. I’m not using them as excuses because I still had hours available for my writing. I’m just sayin’….

Now that April is here I’d like to grab hold of the sense of renewal that has permeated this past week. On the way home from the Easter church service yesterday my hubby stopped the car so I could take photos of the new spring blossoms. They look the same every year, but every year I marvel anew at the emerging beauty. My senses tingle at the annual reappearance of sweet fragrance and delicate colour after months of bland.

Blossoms 1

Blossoms 2

That’s the feeling I want to experience as I pursue my writing activities this month – a swell of optimism that comes with committing to a fresh start. There are no specific goals for this month, no deadlines or must-do’s, but many things I hope to accomplish by diving in with renewed enthusiasm.

What new challenges does this month bring for you? Anything you’d like to commit to here? What’s on your to-do list?

~  ~  ~