Story lessons from an iceberg

Taking a break from blogging has pros and cons. I’ve returned feeling rested and refreshed, but my mind is still focused on the many sights and sounds that filled my week away. So I’ll apologize in advance. We’re probably doomed to an abundance of cruising analogies here for the next little while. This past week providedContinue reading “Story lessons from an iceberg”

Island Isolation

From tiny islets to huge continents, any landmass totally surrounded by water is an island. Islands fascinate me, especially the smaller ones. Separated from other landmasses, they strike me as places of independence. I’m a fairly private person so when I see an island sporting an abode I am attracted to its cosy seclusion. I don’tContinue reading “Island Isolation”

Returning to Reality

I’ve decided sailing and celebrating are an ideal combination. We don’t normally do a lot of either. In fact, we’ve only been on one other cruise and that was also a celebration (DH’s retirement). This past week we indulged in the luxury of outrageous pampering accompanied by entertainment, decadent meals and breathtaking scenery as weContinue reading “Returning to Reality”

Remembering the Midnight Sun

As this evening’s sky darkened towards nightfall, fading away behind the trees, I found myself remembering a late night on the Yukon River several years ago. We had attended a floorshow at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s in Dawson City and were returning to the government campground across the river via a small ferry. The ferry runsContinue reading “Remembering the Midnight Sun”