Is there a right or wrong age for success as an author?

. Saturday evening I watched the ACFW awards via a live blog and simultaneous streaming video.  It was next best to attending in person. I stayed glued to my computer for three straight hours. I held my breath as the finalists were named and winners announced, and smiled when familiar names came up. One thingContinue reading “Is there a right or wrong age for success as an author?”

It’s Never Too Late to Try

Elizabeth Gilbert and I don’t have a lot in common. She’s widely travelled; I haven’t ventured beyond Canada and the USA. She has published books; I haven’t (yet). She’s blonde; I’m brunette. She’s young; I’m, uh, not. You get the picture.   So when I read her comment on age as it relates to writingContinue reading “It’s Never Too Late to Try”