Salad Greens and Aborted Efforts

Lenten Rose

Warmer pre-Spring days urge new growth in the gardens. It’s such a delight to see signs of the coming season everywhere. Buds are bursting on our lilac bushes and in the woods around our home, while the Lenten rose blossoms and leaves of emerging daylilies dip and sway in the still chill breezes.


Not all is idyllic, however. Elsewhere on our property the deer have made salad of the lily spears, munching them off with scissor-like precision. Drat those deer! The lilies will eventually bloom – they manage to do so every year – but it will be later than everywhere else, and the clumps will look tattered. I should relocate them to a less visible location but I tend to ignore the damage and hope that the availability of this convenient meal will distract the deer from other tasty tidbits elsewhere in the garden.

Munched Daylilies

In your writing, when new ideas begin to emerge, do they always reach maturity? What can mar your earliest efforts? Do you always abandon them or is it possible to find something worthwhile to salvage?