No, You’re (Still) Not Ready to Publish

From my 2011 archives… Don’t you hate it when the Inner Critic is right? After years of being shoved aside and trampled, he gloats over fleeting opportunities to jump up and down and yell, “I told you so!” and it’s so annoying. It’s not easy to admit, but many of us are probably among theContinue reading “No, You’re (Still) Not Ready to Publish”

It’s Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthday!

One of my favourite authors is Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creator of the ‘Anne of Green Gables‘ series. I’ve enjoyed her stories because of her wonderful settings and delightful characters. I mean, what’s not to like about Anne Shirley? I’m glad both of my daughters read her books, too, and followed her escapades during a long-running television series.Continue reading “It’s Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthday!”

Choices, choices — so much good reading ahead!

There’s always excitement surrounding the release of a friend’s new book. I’m not sure how one contains all the excitement when suddenly several friends have books hitting the shelves all at pretty much the same time, but that’s what’s happening this month. In my daughter’s writing group, not one but THREE of the members have booksContinue reading “Choices, choices — so much good reading ahead!”

Will it be survival of the fittest or of the most diligent seeker?

Nobody’s very happy about it. When a bear and her cub found their way into our back yard last week, I knew it was past time to put away the bird feeders for the summer. But you should see the looks I’ve been getting…         Sorry guys, but this lunch counter is closed forContinue reading “Will it be survival of the fittest or of the most diligent seeker?”

Judging books by their covers…

Do you judge books by their covers? We’re admonished not to, but I have to admit that’s the first thing that attracts my attention when I’m browsing for a new book to buy. Certain covers instantly catch my attention in either a negative or positive way and I’ll either reach for it, or turn toContinue reading “Judging books by their covers…”

Fearing the transformation… writer to author

Writers sometimes fear the very thing they earnestly desire… becoming a published author. It’s not a conscious fear, but a subtle concern over facing the unknown. Writing in obscurity is easy. There are no expectations, no commitments, no deadlines. Some may putter for a decade or more on one or more manuscripts because it’s lessContinue reading “Fearing the transformation… writer to author”

The Frustration of Misunderstanding

To be misunderstood can be the writer’s punishment for having disturbed the reader’s peace. The greater the disturbance, the greater the possibility of misunderstanding. Anatole Broyard ~ I read agents’ blogs for several reasons. One is to learn as much as I can about the publishing industry. Another is to learn what separates one agentContinue reading “The Frustration of Misunderstanding”

More Conference Thoughts and an Inadequate Thank You

I’ve been reflecting on the people involved with the Surrey Conference. So many people! They all had an impact on how I experienced the conference and yet many of them I didn’t directly encounter. For every visible contribution there were at least ten more from behind the scenes, and every one was important to theContinue reading “More Conference Thoughts and an Inadequate Thank You”

Both Sides of the Fence

It may be September, but summer isn’t over yet. Days of warm sunshine continue, coaxing me to dally at the lackadaisical pace I’ve enjoyed during the past month. Where would I rather be? Away in the RV… … or at home on the deck? Truth is, after I’ve been away for a while in theContinue reading “Both Sides of the Fence”

When the clouds roll in (or, dealing with disappointment)

You plan a weekend at the lake, but awaken Saturday to unexpected rain. Or maybe you prepare a surprise birthday dinner for your hubby, only to learn that a meeting has come up and he can’t make it home in time. Things don’t always go according to plan. I watched several Olympic events over theContinue reading “When the clouds roll in (or, dealing with disappointment)”