It’s today! SiWC registration opens today!

I start hyperventilating on this day each year. At least I do on the years I’m able to attend the Surrey International Writers’ Conference, and this is one of those years. I’ve been attending since 2004 and always come home filled with renewed energy for my writing, reams of notes from the workshops, lots ofContinue reading “It’s today! SiWC registration opens today!”

A Different Kind of Conference

This past weekend I attended a conference all by myself. That’s right. I was the only one there. Of course that’s not entirely true. On Friday I was the only one sitting with my feet up in my family room listening to inspiring women share their take on the meaning of community, but thanks toContinue reading “A Different Kind of Conference”

What happens at SiWC….

. What happens in Surrey doesn’t necessarily stay in Surrey! If this video by Kimberly (@kimmydon) doesn’t convince you the Surrey International Writers’ Conference is THE place to be, nothing will. Where else would you see uber-agent Donald Maass literally stripping the [auctioned] shirt off the back of uber-author Robert Dugoni? I couldn’t get toContinue reading “What happens at SiWC….”

Is there a right or wrong age for success as an author?

. Saturday evening I watched the ACFW awards via a live blog and simultaneous streaming video.  It was next best to attending in person. I stayed glued to my computer for three straight hours. I held my breath as the finalists were named and winners announced, and smiled when familiar names came up. One thingContinue reading “Is there a right or wrong age for success as an author?”

SiWC in Retrospect

Even if you leave late nights to the partiers, the pace at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference keeps your brain in perpetual motion. Every year I come home emotionally recharged but physically and mentally exhausted. It takes a couple days before my brain kicks into gear again, and I can begin to digest all theContinue reading “SiWC in Retrospect”

Unresponsive Brain Cells Don’t Matter, Do They?

‘Information Overload’ is a reality. I know, because I’m afflicted. Just home from four days at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference and my fuzzy brain refuses to offer up coherent words for a timely post of writing inspiration. Not that it doesn’t contain lots of said inspiration. It does. It’s just that the great helpingsContinue reading “Unresponsive Brain Cells Don’t Matter, Do They?”

Conference Time! Yaaaay!

Today has finally arrived! My camera and I are headed for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference with sessions today through Sunday. Talk about awesome! My choice of Master Class for this evening’s session is James Scott Bell’s “Next Level Fiction”.  Over the next three days there are more than seventy workshops to choose from, allContinue reading “Conference Time! Yaaaay!”

ACFW Genesis Awards

The annual American Christian Fiction Writers Conference is wrapping up today in
Indianapolis, Indiana. A LiveBlog event was posted live from the Conference on Sunday evening during the Awards Ceremony. An archived transcript including nominees and winners for the various awards can be found online here. Congratulations to all the winners! 2010 ACFW GENESIS CONTEST AWARDContinue reading “ACFW Genesis Awards”

Today’s the Day and I Did It!

Yes, I did. With a gnawing in my stomach that other years caused me to bypass my first choices, with lips pursed and heart thudding, today I took a deep breath, checked two particular names, clicked “submit” and cemented my decision. Registration opened at noon today for the 2010 Surrey International Writers’ Conference. I’ve attendedContinue reading “Today’s the Day and I Did It!”

It’s Not Too Soon To Start

Seven months. Seven oh-so-long months to wait. My inbox brought the first tantalizing reminder that this year’s dates for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference are October 22-24. I save up my shekels to go every second year and this is my year to attend. Woohoo! . Conference staff already have plans underway and there isContinue reading “It’s Not Too Soon To Start”