Jellybean Philosophy

When the going gets tough, the tough go for jellybeans — or, in this case, the Confidence Guy goes for them. Remembering what’s important puts daily stresses into perspective for him. I think maybe I’ll go buy some jellybeans. Sounds like they’re good reminders to have on hand. Besides, I love jellybeans!

Obstacles or Opportunities

  Boulders litter the area in front of our lakeside cabin. Someone once bemoaned their untidy presence and voiced the wish that they could be removed. Like icebergs however, what is visible above the layer of mulched needles, bark and leaves is only a miniscule portion. Moving them would be an impossible task and soContinue reading “Obstacles or Opportunities”

A Canine Wrecking Ball in Demolition Mode

Have you ever lived with a dog? A big one, that thinks he’s a person? We’ve had many dogs through the years, mostly the small-to-middling sized Shelties that I’ve bred and trained for over thirty years. But a few years ago we returned to the breed of my childhood, Labrador Retrievers, and I’m beginning toContinue reading “A Canine Wrecking Ball in Demolition Mode”

Non-Halloween Masks

I like to think that most people aspire to honesty. It’s that some-goodness-exists-in-everyone kind of optimism, I suppose. But when I delve into my psyche–really dig deep–I have to admit there’s a form of dishonesty that I’ve lived with all my life. It’s a non-criminal version, of course, but it’s dishonesty just the same. YouContinue reading “Non-Halloween Masks”

Be thankful you can raise a little hell

Here in Canada this is Thanksgiving Day and tomorrow is Election Day. At first glance that seems like an unfortunate combination. While the global financial world has been drowning, Canada’s stock market flounders in sympathetic dives and bellyflops, scaring home owners, investors and pensioners alike with its thrashing. Our present political situation doesn’t appear toContinue reading “Be thankful you can raise a little hell”

Black and White and Colours of the Rainbow

I was cleaning out a drawer (well, ‘cleaning’ is a relative term… I was looking for something and it required moving stuff around in a messy drawer) and I came across a few errant felt markers that belong in my craft box. While inserting them into their proper container I took care to put eachContinue reading “Black and White and Colours of the Rainbow”

Contributing to the Statistics

Yesterday a TV report said that in Canada the average age of a video gamer is now forty. Forty! We’re told that systems such as the new “Wii Resort” and Microsoft’s “You’re In the Movie” are marketed to the middle-aged participant. Can you believe it?   The just released Entertainment Software Association (ESA) statistics sayContinue reading “Contributing to the Statistics”

“What’s Canada Day?”

Puzzled by a TV newscast, a child asked the apparently innocent question, “What’s Canada Day?” After listening to his mom’s explanation he then asked, “But what does that have to do with Dad paying extra money for gas today, and us kids needing to use booster seats?”   It’s not an unreasonable question. From hisContinue reading ““What’s Canada Day?””