Of Babies and Thanksgiving Blessings

. . Here in Canada this is Thanksgiving Day, and we often meld it with a harvest celebration that spans the entire weekend. On Saturday we visited an amazing Okanagan farm where we were surrounded with many kinds of produce, both decorative and edible, plus a number of farm animals that delighted the youngsters. There’sContinue reading “Of Babies and Thanksgiving Blessings”

Reflections on a Mess

. Beside my favourite chair is a scrambled pile of books littering the floor. There’s the current issue of a home decorating magazine, my notebook of computer jottings (and a pen to jot down a new website password), a writing magazine, my daily journal and a second pen, a book I’m reading for review purposes,Continue reading “Reflections on a Mess”

Thankful for the Ordinary Everyday

Today is our Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s strange to me that we set aside one specific day of the year to show thankfulness for the things that bless us every moment of every day… the holy moments that enrich our lives. As Ann Voskamp says in her post today, “The everyday is the most important dayContinue reading “Thankful for the Ordinary Everyday”

Let’s See… Thanksgiving, Christmas or Both?

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my American friends! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stop and consider the many blessings we enjoy. No matter our economic status, our health or family situation, I suspect most of us in Canada found at least one good thing on October 11th for which we were thankful. But IContinue reading “Let’s See… Thanksgiving, Christmas or Both?”