He is Risen Indeed!

Yes, it’s April Fools’ Day and yes it’s Easter Sunday. But the resurrection was no joke. Those nails were real as were the thorns painfully drawing blood that ours might be spared. Jesus died. He was removed from the cross and buried in a tomb sealed behind a boulder. But three days later He wasContinue reading “He is Risen Indeed!”

The Harmony of Words

If you look back, you’ll notice the titles of my recent posts seem to have a common theme: music, rhythm, and now harmony. I’ve been relating those themes to our writing. Much of this past weekend has been spent with family. Four generations of one branch came together to celebrate Easter at our son’s home. My hubby and IContinue reading “The Harmony of Words”

Super, Black and Blue, Full and New

No, I’m not bruised. I’m referring to the moon. There hasn’t been one visible in recent night skies. I would have called it a New Moon, except I read that “the third new moon in an astronomical season with four, is called a ‘Black’ moon”, and Wednesday, February 18th was a ‘Black’ one. I’ve taken photos ofContinue reading “Super, Black and Blue, Full and New”

Easter? So What?

Yesterday was Easter Sunday. Some have returned to work today, while others are still enjoying one more day of a long weekend. I wonder how you spent your ‘holiday’. I imagine that depended on your interpretation of  its significance. Ask Google for a definition of holiday, and you’ll get the following: hol·i·day  ˈhäliˌdā/ noun a day ofContinue reading “Easter? So What?”

There’s a palm tree in my bathroom!

On my Flickr page last Sunday I posted a photo of a crown of thorns on a bed of palm fronds. It was one of the photos I took after the church service during which children had waved palms while parading into the sanctuary. Later our youth minister used the crown to explain how the kingContinue reading “There’s a palm tree in my bathroom!”

Christ the Lord is Risen Today

He is risen! Alleluia! The news is as relevant today as it was all those years ago. Perhaps more so! . . “‘Christ The Lord Is Risen Today’ performed by PraiseCharts Band from the album, Praise Hymns: Timeless Hymns for Contemporary Worship Volume 1.” [YouTube] ~  ~  ~