Is there too much emphasis on ‘diversity’?

The headline exploded on the page. “Lack of diversity leads to cancellation of Minneapolis writing conference.” What??? I read it again, then quickly scanned the accompanying article. It wasn’t just ‘click bait’; apparently twenty-one of the twenty-two speakers booked to discuss writing for children at the Children’s and Young Adult Literature (CYA) Conference  in Minneapolis were white,Continue reading “Is there too much emphasis on ‘diversity’?”

Yes, it’s our Federal Election Day. So what?

First off, let me confirm that, despite the title of this post, I believe a lot is at stake in today’s election, and I WILL be casting my vote today. But I’m not big on politics. I hate the in-house temper tantrums and game-playing, the campaign rhetoric, the shouting and endless television commercials. History provesContinue reading “Yes, it’s our Federal Election Day. So what?”

Palin Book Look-a-likes

Yesterday Publishers Lunch reported on two books with fascinating similarities that will be released on the same day. “OR Books is issuing GOING ROUGE: Sarah Palin, An American Nightmare on November 17, the same day when HarperCollins publishes GOING ROGUE: An American Life by Sarah Palin.” Check out their explanation as to how this canContinue reading “Palin Book Look-a-likes”

Inauguration Tuesday

“I stand here today humbled by the task before us,” he said. Not the task before me, but before us. This attitude of inclusion may be the key to longed-for change in the United States.   There is so much optimism in the chant, “Yes, we can”; so much joy in the faces of thoseContinue reading “Inauguration Tuesday”

This is Canadian Democracy?

I don’t do political rants. I don’t. But today’s antics by our Canadian government have me so frustrated and angry I want to scream and beat my head against a wall!   I can’t believe the man who was rejected by voters just six weeks ago, the man defeated so profoundly that he has toContinue reading “This is Canadian Democracy?”