Patience may be a virtue, but….

. It was nearing dinnertime, at least for our Labrador. Hubby and I wanted to get the Christmas tree up first, so we ignored the blatant hints. Tynan’s a patient dog and finally lay down to wait.   . That was hard to ignore! As soon as the tree was secure and before any decoratingContinue reading “Patience may be a virtue, but….”

That ‘Canine Wrecking Ball’ again

. I’m offering an updated November 2008 post today, followed by a few others from the archives during the next two weeks. I’ll be taking a brief blogging hiatus, but will be back with a fresh post on November 13th. ~ Have you ever lived with a dog? A big one, that thinks he’s aContinue reading “That ‘Canine Wrecking Ball’ again”

Writing and Fence Building

. Fifteen years of shade and encroaching moss did their damage. The fence around our 30’ x 40’ dog yard wobbled like a bobble head if we leaned against it, and only a few of the posts kept it upright. Fortunately our dog wasn’t an escape artist, but there was very little keeping him fromContinue reading “Writing and Fence Building”

The example of a dog’s devotion

. Fencing is happening around here this month – the backyard kind with boards, not the kind with swords. When we first moved here we realized fencing the entire acreage was not an option, so we had a 30’ x 50’ dog yard created at one side of the house to contain the canine hordeContinue reading “The example of a dog’s devotion”

Take one character and call me in the morning…

.  Are you a writer who creates a cast of characters, or do characters evolve from your stories, appearing one at a time on that old ‘need to know’ basis? Twelve years ago (can it really be that long?) I was hired as a consultant for the filming of Best In Show, a CastleRock “mock-umentary”Continue reading “Take one character and call me in the morning…”

Monday Morning Fog Brain

. Monday morning fog brain, and I still can’t think of anything brilliant to post. After four days of dog shows and five days of focusing on good friends and doggy conversations, Monday has arrived as a rude awakening. Back to the real world. Laundry awaits. The floors need vacuuming. More company is arriving onContinue reading “Monday Morning Fog Brain”

Reflections on a Mess

. Beside my favourite chair is a scrambled pile of books littering the floor. There’s the current issue of a home decorating magazine, my notebook of computer jottings (and a pen to jot down a new website password), a writing magazine, my daily journal and a second pen, a book I’m reading for review purposes,Continue reading “Reflections on a Mess”

My Contribution to the Romance Blogfest

  Love at First Sight… or Not So Much That’s the theme chosen by Jordan McCollum for the Valentine’s Day Romance Blogfest she’s hosting. My contribution is more in keeping with the “not so much” part of the theme. I hope you enjoy it and then will move on to check out the other posts byContinue reading “My Contribution to the Romance Blogfest”

Writing Roots and Memories

Memories! It’s funny what provokes them. This morning as I answered questions on Paul Greci’s blog about why I came to be a writer and whether I had liked writing from an early age, I mentioned the influence of the Albert Payson Terhune dog stories I’d read as a young girl. The memory sent meContinue reading “Writing Roots and Memories”