Author Interview: Joylene Nowell Butler

.  I’m delighted to have Joylene Butler as my guest today.  Joylene and I met as a ‘happy coincidence’ when she discovered my pen name on the Federation of BC Writers’ website and followed the link to my blog. We continue to be surprised by things we have in common: we’ve both lived in LangleyContinue reading “Author Interview: Joylene Nowell Butler”

Interview: Author Christine Lindsay

. Today I’m pleased to share an interview with debut author Christine Lindsay. I discovered just recently that Christine and I are almost neighbours. We both live in BC’s Central Fraser Valley just outside Vancouver, which is on the Pacific coast of Canada, about 200 miles north of Seattle. Christine says it’s a special timeContinue reading “Interview: Author Christine Lindsay”

I’m somewhere else today

I’m not here today because I’m there… there being Keli Gwyn’s “Romance Writers on the Journey” blog, where Keli and I are having a cosy chat. Please click on over and join us. There’s virtual popcorn to munch as you read, and at the end of the interview there is a draw. Keli will drawContinue reading “I’m somewhere else today”

Not Yet… Noooooo!!!

We wandered the gardens this morning, the dog and I. He caught up on wildlife scents while I checked out how things had survived the weeks of our vacation abandonment. There weren’t a lot of blooms on the potentilla and I was surprised to find the dogwood leaves fading and the ‘Autumn Joy’ sedum headsContinue reading “Not Yet… Noooooo!!!”

Where Was the Beginning?

Paranormal isn’t my genre but I recently came across a video interview with Stephenie Meyer that captured my attention. She talks about the beginning, the start of her writing career before she ever realized it was going to be a career. Writers are often asked where their ideas come from. Stephenie’s TWILIGHT story began asContinue reading “Where Was the Beginning?”

Interview with YA Author Jennifer R. Hubbard

As promised, today Jennifer R. Hubbard joins us to answer questions about her writing experience and her debut YA novel, THE SECRET YEAR, which is being released today by Viking Press (Penquin). Jenn is represented by agent Nathan Bransford of Curtis Brown Ltd. Jenn lives and writes near Philadelphia.  She is a night person whoContinue reading “Interview with YA Author Jennifer R. Hubbard”

Interview with Canadian Author Laura Best

. I’m delighted to welcome Laura Best to my blog today. Laura has lived in the small community of East Dalhousie, NS her entire life. She was a contributor to Christmas in the Maritimes: A Treasury of Stories and Memories and A Maritime Christmas: New Stories and Memories of the Season, and her fiction hasContinue reading “Interview with Canadian Author Laura Best”