Research? What kind of research?

It doesn’t seem to matter what the task is, unless it’s something I’ve done before, research has to come first. Changing the needle on the sewing machine? Check the manual. Removing a stain from delicate fabric? Google my options. Bake a special dessert? Get out the cookbook. Refinish deck furniture? Find a YouTube video and follow theContinue reading “Research? What kind of research?”

Making Vimy Ridge Personal

War has always seemed a very distant reality to me. As I was growing up, it existed mostly in sepia photos and scratchy news reels that preceded our Saturday afternoon matinées. For a time, WWII separated our family when my enlisted father was sent from Vancouver to Toronto in 1945 to be a masonry contractor during theContinue reading “Making Vimy Ridge Personal”

It’s Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthday!

One of my favourite authors is Lucy Maud Montgomery, the creator of the ‘Anne of Green Gables‘ series. I’ve enjoyed her stories because of her wonderful settings and delightful characters. I mean, what’s not to like about Anne Shirley? I’m glad both of my daughters read her books, too, and followed her escapades during a long-running television series.Continue reading “It’s Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Birthday!”

Looking back in history (mine)

Across the small lake from our wee cabin in BC’s Cariboo country there is another cabin. That one is made of logs, is still in good shape but now rarely occupied. It’s no longer visible from the water; only a small float at the shoreline marks the path up to it from the lake. The cabinContinue reading “Looking back in history (mine)”

A Humbling Encounter (reprise)

Earlier today I came across a post on Facebook from Chris Hadfield: “46 years ago today we walked on the Moon. Neil, Mike and Buzz inspired me to do something different with my life. I cannot thank them enough for the gift they gave us all.” I wonder if they thought of their accomplishment as “aContinue reading “A Humbling Encounter (reprise)”

Living the stories (and a winner!)

“I can’t see the forest for the trees.”  I suppose in this case you’d say you can barely see the lake for all the trees. Until last summer, when the men had to cut down a few of them, the view from our summer cabin was only the portion you see to the right of this photo. It’s niceContinue reading “Living the stories (and a winner!)”

#wipMadness Day 19: Memories That Matter

Heritage items intrigue me although I’ve never been one to collect antiques. I don’t read a lot of historical fiction, either. I like things with a history that is significant to my family — with some kind of personal connection. That’s why I treasure this glassware. I doubt the pieces have any monetary value, but they belonged toContinue reading “#wipMadness Day 19: Memories That Matter”