Alterations Happening

My ‘refreshed’ blog doesn’t look as I had originally hoped. After years using the same template, I thought it would be timely to make a change. The problem is that in the interim, WordPress altered how editing is done. I have never liked the new ‘block editor’, despite its claim to be easier to use. So, adding a template change to my struggle with the method of editing has ended up with compromises and a look that I don’t particularly like. <sigh>

Be forewarned and please be patient. For the next little while, whenever you visit here, you may think you’ve accidentally wandered onto the wrong site as I continue to make alterations. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to make them without losing all my content in the process!

~ ~ ~

Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

One thought on “Alterations Happening

  1. Even after several years using the new editor (for two different sites), everything *still* takes me longer and seems to come with an extra dose of frustration. Hopefully things go smoothly for you! (But I feel your pain, LOL.)

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