Confessions of an isolated writer…

If you read far enough back in this blog you would notice the majority of my posts were writing-related. More recently you’d have to look hard to find any posts on the topic of writing at all. Does that mean I haven’t been writing? Not exactly.

I haven’t been writing anything that I want to talk about.

It goes against the advice of many successful authors — be visible with your writing; develop a following; participate with others in courses and seminars; attend workshops. I’ve done that over the past two decades, but this pandemic has played right into my introverted homebody preferences. I’ve quite liked working quietly at home, with a legitimate excuse not to go anywhere or socialize with anyone. Of course, that also means there’s nobody to answer to when it comes to my writing. My critique group hasn’t met since pre-Christmas 2019.

I know in some ways that’s not a good thing, but when it comes to writing with nobody looking over my shoulder, I believe it’s resulting in better writing … more honest, dug-from-the-depths writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s rewriting old fiction or rambling in my (lovely new) journal. I don’t have to describe the topic, or report on queries submitted, rejections received or pieces published.

So, am I writing? Yes, sort of.

These days my time is also being divided on other commitments. I’m researching live streaming information for my church. I’ve been video recording services since the beginning of the pandemic, but now that we’re returning to in-person services, there is interest in a hybrid ministry — participating in onsite worship while continuing to reach the online community. I thought video recording and editing presented a steep learning curve, but live streaming…? For me the curve is like facing Mount Everest!

Oh, then there’s also the fact that I’m trying to put together suggestions for a new church website. Ours has been slowly dying — symptoms started over a year ago but getting together with anyone to discuss alternatives didn’t happen. As we start to emerge from pandemic lockdown, it’s time to get on with plans.

Writing, researching, learning, planning. There’s no end of challenges to keep this isolated introvert busy.

3 thoughts on “Confessions of an isolated writer…

  1. Darlene says:

    You´ve obviously been busy. I´m so glad my critique groups were able to continue via Zoom, it kept me sane. xo

  2. Shari Green says:

    Introverts in a pandemic: living our best life, LOL.

  3. You are my new hero! Live-streaming! Really? Wow, I can’t go there. I have enough trouble zooming. Which I did a lot of until I came back to Canada. Getting a hotspot on my phone wasn’t easy, but at least I can read others’ blogs now. Good luck with your new project, Carol. I think you’ll do marvellously. I can only imagine you as a nature.

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