Awaiting a Transformation: Butterflies, Bathrooms and Books

Butterflies returned to our garden this week. I see them flitting from one bright bloom to another. This one’s favourite spot to hover seems to be the lilac bush beside our back deck.


I’ve been hovering out there a lot, too, escaping the dust and noise of the bathroom renovation inside. Not that it’s been a negative experience … the renovation has been going smoothly, well supervised by the cheerful and very efficient contractor. It’s the disruption of our usual household routine, having people coming and going every day, and trying to maintain separation between our curious Labrador and the busy workmen.

This weekend, as work winds to a conclusion, we have a second Labrador here — we’re dog sitting — and she isn’t so much curious as she is affronted at strangers being allowed in our house. We keep shushing her barks and assuring her that they are no longer strangers to us, and they’re creating something new and beautiful out of our twenty-five year old bathroom. Like the butterfly, it has undergone a metamorphosis. (You’re going to be subjected to photos next week.)


Metamorphosis is a fascinating process (at least, in butterflies, although there are similarities with our bathroom).

First, an egg has to be produced, the larva or caterpillar has to hatch and be nurtured. Then it must pupate while the transformation takes place. And finally, after about a month, the adult butterfly emerges.

In our bathroom metamorphosis, the seed of an idea was first produced, followed by a period of planning, researching products, and finding a contractor. Then we watched and waited as the actual transformation happened. Finally, almost a month later, we’re about to reveal the finished room.

Interesting … it occurs to me that writing a book is a whole lot like this same process. Granted, a book takes me considerably longer than a month to produce, but in due time it comes to fruition. Now, if I could always ensure the end result would be as lovely as my bathroom or the butterfly, I’d be content! 🙂

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Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

6 thoughts on “Awaiting a Transformation: Butterflies, Bathrooms and Books

  1. I do love butterflies, Carol! It’s too early here in Nova Scotia but we’re getting there.. Lovely photos!

    Life is all about metamorphosis. Change is all around. Spring seems like the perfect time for renovations. 🙂

    1. Apparently spring is indeed the perfect time — it turns out that we did our kitchen renovations at exactly the same time last year. I think it must have something to do with ‘new beginnings’.

  2. I love butterflies. My friend went on the butterfly tour trip in Mexico. She said it was the most spiritual experience she’d ever had. There were millions, everywhere. They landed all over her. It must have been very moving. Happy renos, Carol!

    1. I love seeing them. I don’t think I would like them landing on me … at least, not a whole lot of them! There are butterfly conservatories in Victoria and Vancouver … also one near Little Qualicum Falls on the Island that we passed various times when we lived in Port Alberni. I admit to having no desire to visit any of them.

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