Happy Birthday, Wild Child!


Maybe by referring to him as our “Wild Child” we have unconsciously been sending negative vibes that help perpetuate the cyclone-like behaviour. People often say that a Labrador’s brain doesn’t kick in until they are at least three years old. Some warn that it’s more like five or six years, while others admit sometimes it never does. Whatever the case, “Clipper”, our sweet natured but extremely bouncy Labrador Retriever, shows no indication of impending maturity. Of course, he’s only just reaching his first birthday this weekend (on May 15).

We should have named him “Tigger”. He really does bear a striking resemblance, right down to having what we’re sure is a built-in pogo stick.


He hasn’t been in a show ring yet. We’re hoping that by the time he gains enough maturity to be able to walk sedately on a lead, he’ll also have outgrown the assumption that anyone stooping down to touch him is extending an invitation to be licked and jumped upon, simultaneously.

“Who, me??? But I have to show everyone how much I love them!!”

Fortunately, we love him, too. A lot. Otherwise he would have been shuffled out of here long ago.

I’m trying  to figure out a way to model one of my novel’s characters after him, but none of them is meant to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

Ah, well … Happy First Birthday, Clipper! No pogo stick for you, or lima beans, but maybe a piece (or two) of cheese and a new toy.

~  ~  ~




Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Wild Child!

    1. Heh! Your Mexican jumping bean comparison is almost better than the pogo stick one! He’s all over the place! Such a silly, bouncy guy.

  1. ‘Walking sedately on a lead’?😀 God luck! My two never mastered that during their lifetime. Or I should say I never mastered to make them do it. But what they do know is how to claim a big space in your heart!. Enjoy your beautiful rascal!

    1. Clipper only walks reasonably well on lead if he’s wearing a pinch collar, and I detest those things. However, we resort to one occasionally to get some control, but he can’t wear one in the show ring. LOL.

  2. He is a handsome boy. We had a siberian husky that was one cart short of a load. Beautiful, but dumb like peanuts. No maybe dumber. Did I mention he was beautiful? Your baby has a lovely face.

    1. If Clipper were dumb, it would be easy to forgive his antics, but he’s really quite smart. If I have a treat in my hand he will do anything, and do it quickly. However, he’s also extremely stubborn, with no desire to please, so if there isn’t anything in it for him, he does only what he pleases. It’s a tad frustrating.

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