It’s FRIDAY!!!!

Ah-h-h … it’s here. Friday, at last. We’re on the eve of relaxation and tranquility once again. Ha!


All during my school years Fridays heralded The Weekend. We loved our weekends and the freedom initiated by Friday afternoon’s final bell. Sympathetic teachers sometimes let us out of class a few minutes early. At least, we thought it was because they were sympathetic. After I became a teacher I realized those early dismissals were more likely their way of accepting defeat. We were restless and pretty much unteachable after 2:30 p.m.

For many employees in the workday world, Fridays offered a similar release — two precious days without schedules, customers or commitments. Or so we liked to think. In reality we often saved up a host of tasks that had been put aside, waiting for the weekend’s promise of ‘free time’.

It’s strange how we procrastinate. No matter the job, there’s always a better time to tackle it or something else we’d rather be doing. While we’re living the nine-to-five shift, raising children, caring for aging relatives, or any other such things, ‘later’ is the carrot we promise ourselves as it dances ahead of us. All those things we hope to accomplish are relegated to an indefinite ‘some day’.

Even in retirement we may be waiting for the perfect opportunity — until suddenly we’re lamenting that time did its strange disappearing act and the once endless days have shortened to the point where we can’t seem to get anything done in a weekend, never mind during the five preceding days.

I have a few projects (I should be honest and admit it’s quite a few!) that are in danger of never being completed because I dawdle about even starting them. Some aren’t much of a priority, so if they don’t get done it’s okay. No guilt there. Others, though … they should be a priority. I need to beat up that nasty Procrastination goblin and send him packing!

Maybe this weekend.


What’s one project you’ve been putting off? What’s keeping you from it?

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Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

6 thoughts on “It’s FRIDAY!!!!

    1. After my hubby’s retirement he found he was as busy as ever, but when someone pointed it out to him he would say, “Ah, yes, but now I get to choose what keeps me busy.” 🙂

  1. Let’s see… there’s the novel, the poetry book, the photos and albums… oh and the home remodeling, which we’re now being forced to tackle quickly. I always seem to think I have tomorrow. I’m hoping the new digs will give me a new start. But I’m guessing I still need to change my ways. 🙂

    1. (I’m late replying, but if I blame it on procrastination you’d laugh at me! Do we ever change our ways?) You’ll have a lot of new starts after your move, but there will be good things among the challenges, too.

  2. Life in small town Canada changed when stores became opened for business. Even as a kid I was sad to see that happen. Now it’s Tuesday and I’m only getting to your post now. Life is hectic.

    1. It changed everywhere. Quite apart from the religious implication, I never understood the point of businesses opening on Sunday. The same people would buy the same products, just spread out across a seventh day in the week, while the cost of staffing had to be increased for the additional day. It never made economic sense to me.

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