Sleepers Begone!



I bit the bullet today and deleted my Google+ account. It was a sleeper anyway — a place I rarely visited. My blog posts from here were set to automatically show up there as well as on Facebook, but when I chose where to spend my social media time, apart from here, Facebook usually won out, despite some of its features that annoy me.

Every time I checked my Gmail messages I would find some ‘interesting’ yet unknown-to-me man had added me to his Google+ circle. Today it was another military guy supposedly from Iraq. I’m supportive of our military, but don’t appreciate stalkers of any ilk.

Sleeping accounts are risky. Without monitoring, I don’t remember to change passwords, and that’s a security hazard. I don’t see inappropriate comments and spam. It truly is a situation where, excuse the cliche, one shouldn’t ‘let sleeping dogs lie’. Right! So, after considering its lack of usefulness to me, and without a twinge of guilt, I deleted the account.

I spend most of my online time here. Second on the list is Facebook, because that’s where most of my online friends hang out. A distant third is Twitter. I don’t find Twitter conversations particularly satisfying, but I do check my account regularly, albeit not often, because I believe visibility there is a useful tool for writers. But I no longer have to worry about who’s tiptoeing around me on Google+.

No more sleeping dogs! C’mon, guys! On your feet! It’s time for some activity. Let’s go for a walk.


Where do you spend the majority of your online time? Do you ‘post and run’, or do you stick around for meaningful conversations? How useful is social media to you?

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12 thoughts on “Sleepers Begone!

  1. I agree. One can belong to too many social media sites. I like Facebook as I can keep up with my family. It is especially important to me now that I am in Spain.

    1. When you’re so far away I can appreciate why being able to connect in cyberspace is important. Facebook annoys me regularly, but it’s where I can guarantee finding the majority of my contacts.

  2. You are so wise. I haven’t even thought about those sleepers except to feel guilt that I don’t ever pop in and start a conversation or whatever… Now, NO GUILT, just commonsense! Thank you!!

  3. Totally with you – though I haven’t yet deleted Google+. Don’t like Twitter, do like FB, though I’m ‘fasting’ from all but messages and groups during Lent. Too much screen time in my life, I think. Also fasting from my absolute fave – Lumosity games. And I pay for those! Sigh. Ah well, the Sundays in Lent are fast-free. :>)

    1. There are online places that serve a useful purpose, but I’m convinced it isn’t beneficial for me to spend a lot of time visiting multiple sites. Although we’re very much a cyber society nowadays, I personally need to limit my online time and be more selective about where I spend it. I haven’t visited Lumosity myself, but exercising one’s brain is always a good thing. 🙂

      1. I should qualify my Lumosity comment — I just read that the site owner has to pay out $2M to settle deceptive ad allegations about the benefits of brain training games. Hmmm!

  4. I do check out FB. I never remember to go anywhere else. I stay away from Pinterest because it’s addicting. Right now I’m trying to find a new publisher, so I’m constantly being distracted. It’s also why I’m so late. I forgot how depressing writing query letters was.

    1. The internet can be a very useful place for research and finding resources, but I agree it’s easy to get sidetracked. Wishing you success in the publisher search.

  5. I love reading ideas that concur with my own as this one does. As a writer/blogger I keep reading that I have to spread myself all over the internet. But as someone who is challenged by bipolar disorder, I only have so much energy to go around. At one point I cut myself off of everything but now that I am back to writing online I realize I should probably be reaching out more. Can anyone suggest a select few that they would recommend?

    1. I began blogging chiefly because I heard the same thing: that to be a successful author you need to establish a tribe…a crowd of online followers. There’s a certain benefit to being part of the social media community, but if we become obsessed with developing numbers to the detriment of our personal growth and writing time, we counteract the value.

      This is a topic about which I feel strongly, so rather than get long-winded here in my reply to you, I’m planning a feature blog post. Stay tuned. 🙂

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