Yes, it’s our Federal Election Day. So what?

First off, let me confirm that, despite the title of this post, I believe a lot is at stake in today’s election, and I WILL be casting my vote today.


But I’m not big on politics. I hate the in-house temper tantrums and game-playing, the campaign rhetoric, the shouting and endless television commercials. History proves most election platforms shoved at voters are full of empty promises. To garner votes, they present what candidates think the people want to hear, not what realistically should or will happen. Then there is all the bad-mouthing of other candidates … innuendo, mud-slinging, twisted truths and bald-faced lies. If we were to believe the campaign speeches, none of the candidates should be elected.

I don’t want to be reminded of what someone thinks are an opponent’s shortcomings. I want to hear what each believes in and will fight to achieve if elected, but discerning the truth is like trying to untangle a web. Spiders may be good at that; most people aren’t.


Each of the five party leaders and their platforms have strengths and weaknesses. Who you and I vote for will depend on our priorities. There are anti-Harper, ‘Anything But Conservative’ campaigns, with calls to ‘Vote Strategically’  — not for who you feel is the best candidate in a riding, or for your preferred party, but for who can best take seats away from the Conservatives. This is not the way to cast an intelligent, democratic vote, but there is a ground swell of emotion behind it.

I don’t know who will be our nation’s leader at the end of this day, but I have grave concerns about the direction our government may take us regardless of who is at the helm. Locally, I want an MP who has the integrity to represent my priorities and express my concerns in parliament, no matter which party is in power. The only way I can help make that happen is to vote responsibly. I hope you will, too.

Remember, “Elections in some ridings will be decided by not who votes, but who decides not to vote.” Please vote. As a Canadian it is our right, privilege and responsibility.


“So you will walk in the way of the good and keep to the paths of the righteous. For the upright will inhabit the land, and those with integrity will remain in it.”  [Proverbs 2:20-21]

~  ~  ~

4 thoughts on “Yes, it’s our Federal Election Day. So what?

  1. Lynn says:

    Carol, I don’t know if I have ever anguished more over where to place my vote in an election. It seems a matter of choosing the better of less than ideal options, although I’m not even sure what/who that is in the broad spectrum. I’ve prayed, I’ll vote because I believe if we don’t vote we throw away our right to voice an opinion, and then wait for the results. May we make the right decision for our nation.

    • Lynn says:

      PS: You inspired me to write a blog post about it this morning.

      • Carol says:

        There has been a surge to convince voters that it’s all about three individuals, but those leaders represent their parties, and party ideologies influence the direction a government takes. This is an election that has me looking back to see what has been accomplished by different governments in the past.

        Looking forward to visiting your blog to see your post. But FIRST, I’m heading out to vote. 🙂

  2. The web is so beautiful. The creature that made it… not so much. Ha. Hubby, me, and our boys all voted.

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