On the Cusp of Conference Time!

You might have noticed (or maybe not … it doesn’t matter) that references to writing in this space have been getting rather sporadic. I have to admit my enthusiasm has been, too. Oh, I’ve been writing, but it’s routine, uninspired stuff, interspersed with editing.


I think that’s why I’m so excited about the upcoming Surrey Conference. It’s not a giddy kind of excitement this time, but more of a desperation type — the feeling I’d probably get if I were hanging by fingernails to the edge of a cliff and discovered someone above me holding out a rescuing hand. An oh-thank-goodness feeling.

I love this conference and I’m counting on it for an infusion of inspiration. Every one I’ve attended (and this will be my seventh) has never failed to send me away rejuvenated, ready to dive back into my writing project du jour.

Advance registration closes soon — next Friday, the 16th — unless they sell out before then, which is a good possibility. This is a very popular conference, which is why my daughter, Shari and I always register on the very first day. There’s that, and also the opportunity to get first dibs on appointments with the agents, editors and/or authors of our choice.

So, it’s coming, and I know my enthusiasm is going to be building as the days pass and the best conference weekend ever finally arrives.

Is there a conference in your future? What are your go-to resources when you need to revitalize your writing?

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Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

10 thoughts on “On the Cusp of Conference Time!

  1. SiWC has always inspired and motivated me. I always come away with new knowledge and additional friends. 6 years ago I met Meg Tilley at a blue plate session. I showed her my book I was ready to throw away in frustration. She read it, said it was worth sending out again and gave me some tips on how to improve the first couple of pages. By the next year it was published! Have a great time, wish I could be there.

    1. What a great story! It was obviously a very worthwhile conference for you that year. I think you and I met in person for the first time there about four years ago.

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