Another new start…

We didn’t originally expect to get another Labrador Retriever, but life doesn’t always work out the way we intend, does it? “Life is all about how you handle Plan B” says a plaque a friend once sent me.


So this is our Plan B. His call name is ‘Clipper’ (shortened from a registered name that will include ‘Eclipse’) and he’s eight weeks old. He likes to nibble on the levers of our recliner chairs, pounce on a squeaker toy, explore the backyard with Dad, gnaw a bit on his stuffed duck, and complain bitterly when he’s restricted even for a few minutes in an exercise pen.


Like most babies, he goes full bore until he suddenly needs a nap. Then he collapses on whatever is handy — Dad’s foot, a comfy toy, or the shelf under our coffee table.


There was a graphic recently circulated on Facebook that I saved:

Old-New Dogs

Clipper isn’t like our previous Lab that we lost to cancer last fall, and we don’t expect him to be. We won’t love him more than or less than Tynan, but altogether differently, because he’s his own distinctive self with his own unique personality.

There are going to be the usual ‘starting again’ challenges that goes with acquiring a new puppy, but our hearts are already expanding to include this sweet little companion who has only been with us one full day (and two somewhat interrupted nights).

I started out thinking I’d have a ‘starting again’ writing analogy to add, but I think I’ll simply leave it as an introduction to the newcomer in our lives. A new foot warmer for my writing times. 🙂

~  ~  ~


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8 thoughts on “Another new start…

  1. Awww he looks lovely 🙂 like humans, no two dogs are the same, if they were all the same, I imagine life with dogs would be a bit dull 🙂

  2. Oh he is ADORABLE…but of course being a Lab he will probably take offense of that…maybe “manly” would be more appropriate (but he’s gottaways to go 🙂 Love the name too. Ahhh “the night thing” Sniff has got the routine down pat but still insists on a “treat” to “go to bed” (his crate). But being crate trained right off the bat helped a lot too & that job went to Billie Lou. What really gets me are his eyes…they are so expressive!

    Gotta also say I LOVE the graphic!


    1. I think ‘adorable’ fits okay right now — it’s that melting expression. 😉 His nights have improved to just one outing and he immediately goes back to sleep, so thankfully we’re getting a decent night’s sleep now, too.

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