Eventide at Wildwood


After sunset, the woods around us grow quiet. Dusk descends like a muffling snowfall, silently subduing the day. There will still be light in the marsh, but the trail to it is dark, and recent wildlife activity makes it a wee bit too menacing for a walk in that direction.


DSC05146 - Version 2I lean on the deck rail and watch a single robin and starling make their last rounds of the lawn for bedtime snacks. What an odd pair. A towhee lands on the clematis trellis and perches for a few moments, keeping an eye on me, ever hopeful that I will recant and put out the bird feeder again. Sorry, little fella, but it won’t reappear until winter does.

As daylight’s murmurs subside, nighttime’s begin. Two chirps from hidden tree frogs set off more, and soon a chorus swells in the marsh. Every night their evensong canticles overlay the hush of darkness.

The coming weekend promises summer-like heat, but there are still enough remnants of springtime’s chill to start shivers dancing across my shoulders, and eventually chase me indoors. With the words, “It is well with my soul” running through my mind, I slip inside and slide the patio doors closed behind me.


Eventide at Wildwood is complete.

~  ~  ~

4 thoughts on “Eventide at Wildwood

  1. Darlene says:

    You do live in a very peaceful setting. Lovely pictures.

  2. elderfox says:

    That was lovely my friend the pic & words. & I see elsewhere you will soon have another canine member joining your family!!! Wonderful..

    Have been doing a lot of reading…and working on my saga!!!
    Finished Shari’s book (and haven’t gotten back to her yet to tell her how much I enjoyed it…She really did a great job re her teen characters.)

    Looks like the sun will be shining around here for some time and maybe,
    just maybe, I’ll get to take a walk or two with Snuff.

    Been reading about feeding dogs and noticed there is a lot of (mixed) comments re garlic…Our show dogs ALL loved it, and my Dobe (way back when) loved green onions, And our Vet I worked for, always pressure cooked a chicken (removing bones of course) which we used mixed with regular kibble for the dogs staying at the clinic. (Little wonder the dogs loved their visits 😉 Did I ever tell you about the 2 Persian cats who sang when they were bathed…crazy but true.(%

    • Carol says:

      Yes, there’s another little black bundle coming our way in about five weeks. You’ll have to plan a visit so we can introduce you. 🙂

      From what I’ve read about garlic lately, I won’t be adding any to the newcomer’s diet. Apparently it does nothing to repel fleas, and is actually toxic in concentrated quantities. I used to add it to my homemade biscuit recipe for added flavour, but am thinking now that it’s not worth the risk.

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