Creepy Crawlies (again)

Three times in two days an intruder has dared to enter our house. I know it’s ‘that’ time of the year again, but still, I thought I’d made it clear last spring that inside is MY domain. I expect creepy crawlies to stay outside. Suffice to say, those three are no longer around to make a comeback next year!

To explain my aversion, here’s a peek at what I wrote last time there was a similar encounter…


A proficient gardener I’m not, but I love to putter around in the yard. I meander through the flower beds on a regular basis, hauling the hose along to water needy plants, discovering what’s new, deadheading depleted blossoms and, yes, (shudder) occasionally encountering miniature wildlife.

I’m not a big fan of bugs, but I accept that they serve a purpose in nature. In their place I tolerate them. In my place, I do not. Anyone who spends time in my household will know that a shrieked “Spider alert!” requires an immediate response. I can’t tear myself away from spotter duty long enough to fetch a shoe or tissue, because, after all, during even the briefest gap in my attention the spider might creep away.  It would be out of sight but definitely not out of mind. I’d know he was still there somewhere, a lurking intruder just waiting to leap out and startle me again.

Unfortunately there’s a no-man’s-land between the garden and the house that the bugs and I both insist on claiming as our own — the back deck.


It’s my favourite summertime location, quiet and distraction free; the perfect spot when I need a fresh writing environment. I am not amused, however, when a spider glides down his silken guywire and suddenly lands on my keyboard! Talk about a plot interruption! Maybe writing indoors is a better option. But I resent being chased away. After all, this is a structure attached to the house, so it’s my space.

“Ah,” leers the eight-legged creepy crawly, “but it’s out here with the flowers and fresh air. It’s my space.” Deadlock.

I compromise and knock him off my laptop. Watching him scurry to the edge of the deck I’m satisfied that he’s still out there somewhere, just not on me, my laptop or my lounge chair. I have asserted my authority. They are mine!


How do you feel about trespassing arachnids? Have you ever put your characters into situations where they have to deal with arachnophobia? Or any other kind of phobia? What did they learn during the experience?


“That’s what happens to all who forget God—
    all their hopes come to nothing.
They hang their life from one thin thread,
    they hitch their fate to a spider web.
One jiggle and the thread breaks,
    one jab and the web collapses.”

[Job 8:14-15, MSG]

~  ~  ~

6 thoughts on “Creepy Crawlies (again)

  1. pastordt says:

    Got bit by a spider – on the face – one of the earliest nights I spent in this house, sleeping on a chaise lounge mat on the floor! Had to go to the ER because it became infected. Still stunned by the sheer volume of spiders of all shapes and sizes in this town — way, way too many!

    • Carol says:

      As beautiful as your photos of your area always are, I think I’m glad I don’t live there. I can cope with the smaller ones (barely) but bigger ones immobilize me.

  2. elderfox says:

    I go after them in the house with book, rolled newspaper, shoe (I’ll take one off if I have to), or a Kleenex (for those little buggers).. They have the whole world OUTSIDE!!! . (My Mom witnessed a huge spider in a bunch of bananas at a grocery store and let out a screech that caused several shoppers to vacate the premises.)

    • Carol says:

      Agreed! Outside is where they definitely belong. And if I ever encountered one like your mother did, I doubt I’d ever be able to shop in that store again. ::shudder::

  3. I drive everyone in the house nuts when I spot something creepy. They are ordered to maintain eye contact whilst I rush for a glass and a piece of cardboard that I have handy. I slip the glass over the intruder and slide the cardboard beneath, then escort the creature outdoors. Yes, my family makes fun of me constantly. However! This past winter we came across a gigantic black spider in my girlfriend’s bedroom in Bucerias. Ralph used a vase and a huge piece of cardboard and escorted the biggest spider either of us had ever seen. I was soooo proud of him!

    • Carol says:

      There are some kinds of crawlies that I would elect to put outside, but spiders don’t get a second chance here. I can’t imagine what I’d do if I saw a *really* big one in my bedroom! I’ve only seen one huge House spider (about 4″ across) but it was on the door jamb in the garage part of the house. I’m afraid I have to admit I threw a piece of firewood at him. There was no way I could pass him to get back in the house! 😮

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