#wipMadness Day 26: Making Your Mark

One of my favourite sights and sounds at our remote cabin is of the loons. There is always one or two pair of Common Loons there, and soon after we arrive every summer and fall we are greeted by their unique call. My fascination with loons has grown since first encountering them when my parents took me there as a child over sixty years ago. As a result, I’ve also developed quite a collection of loon items — carvings, glassware, sculptures, and this delightful watercolour painting, commissioned by my hubby as a surprise gift for me. The artist is a member of our church, Elizabeth Hancock.

Loon Painting 2

I remember her saying how it had taken her some time to decide on how she wanted to depict the subject … that loons are so often shown swimming, with or without a baby, and she preferred to paint something more distinctive.

The result is unique and beautiful, and holds a place of honour on our living room wall.


Liz’s signature tells anyone who views this painting that she is its creator — she designed its story and chose how she would tell it within the context of its watercolour medium.

Writers do much the same as they pen their stories in text. Names on title pages and book covers announce to readers that the words tell a unique version of a particular story … one drawn from the author’s imagination and soul.

For both writer and artist, once released into the world, the creation and the creator’s mark become a part of history, forever inseparable. Wow! Maybe that’s why passion has to be such an integral part of the process.

As you create this week, I hope you’ll feel the passion, the inspiration and also the responsibility as you strive to make your special mark!


This is the last Thursday of #wipMadness, so this is my final contribution to our month of writing-reading-blogging madness. There are just five days left in the countdown to its end and to the day when we’ll all have to take stock of our month’s achievements. Make each one count, fellow Wipsters! And don’t forget to check in tomorrow with Tonette.


(If you’re in the Maple Ridge, BC area and would like to see more of Liz Hancock’s work, you might enjoy ‘The Art Studio Tour’ on Mother’s Day weekend. Check it out here!)

~  ~  ~

18 thoughts on “#wipMadness Day 26: Making Your Mark

  1. S. Etole says:

    Beautiful post and watercolor.

  2. Lovely!

    “For both writer and artist, once released into the world, the creation and the creator’s mark become a part of history, forever inseparable.”

    Couldn’t agree more! We share a part of ourselves with the world in each story told.

    Happy writing!

    • Carol says:

      So true, Tonette! Knowing that readers get an inside look can make some writers feel very exposed and vulnerable. It’s a feeling we have to get over or it will hamper the degree of honesty that we’re prepared to invest in our writing.

  3. I’m going to try this again…I love loons! And the watercolors lovely. I’m definitely feeling the passion, but the motivation has been waxing and waning a lot lately. Thanks to all the Wipsters who hosted and commented this month. You kept me going!

    • Carol says:

      Glad the ‘glitch’ disappeared. 🙂 It’s hard to stay 100% motivated all the time. Life intervenes. But if you have that passion, you’ll make it through. With or without us, you’re going to finish!

  4. denisejaden says:

    Love that, Carol! Whenever I think of loons, I think of the old movie, On Golden Pond (which I love). Thanks so much for hosting this month and bringing some nature to our writing perspectives! I have definitely achieved more than I would’ve without March Madness, so I’m very thankful for all of the hosts 🙂

    • Carol says:

      I loved that movie, too, even tho’ it made me cry.

      I enjoyed participating in MM again this year. It a great community and the accountability really helps keep me on track.

  5. Rachel Wood says:

    Thanks for hosting this very fun event! It was my first go at this and I look forward to it next year!

    • Carol says:

      It’s a joint affair, Rachel … we all benefit from our interaction and mutual support. I’m glad you enjoyed your #wipMadness experience, but it’s not over yet. Keep those goals in sight and carry on. 🙂

  6. Kim Baccellila says:

    Love birds! These paintings are really awesome! Thanks for hosting this year!

    • Carol says:

      Thanks, Kim. I photograph lots of different birds around our home, but only get to see Loons when we travel into north central BC. They exist here at the coast but I never seem to be in the right spot at the right time.

  7. Shari Green says:

    Loved this post! 🙂

    I had planned to dig deep and get my words done after my shifts this week, but it didn’t happen today, and I’m guessing tomorrow will be the same. *sigh* I’ve realized it’s way more realistic to go like crazy on the weekend, so that’s what I’ll do. Hopefully, I’ll still hit my goal by Tuesday!

    • Carol says:

      Sometimes we have to admit, and accept, that we’ve hit a wall, especially when work is involved. With your kind of determination, I have no doubt you’ll get caught up on the weekend.

  8. Helga Bolleter says:

    A bird out of water – one that’s known almost entirely for being IN the water. A great analogy to what makes a perfect character in fiction – the unexpected, the somewhat ‘misfit’ and so on. As for loons, I love them for their incomparable calls when they’re on a lake.

    • Carol says:

      I hadn’t associated the unique aspect of the painting with the “bird out of water…misfit” aspect, but I’m glad you found that in the analogy! 🙂

  9. Aquawrites says:

    Thursday flew by in a blur. No writing for me. Oh well.

    Lovely post Carol. Hopefully, one day, we all will have left our mark in the world with our stories.

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