Spider Season

They dangle, harmless but horrific. Those ugly bulbous orb-weaving spiders are everywhere! I know, I know…it’s fall. They hang out in the fall. I understand their need to capture extra calories. I just don’t want to encounter them in their restaurants when I’m en route to my car or stepping onto my deck.

Different spiders make different kinds of webs — spiral orbs, tangle, funnel, tubular and sheet webs — but it’s just this sticky, stretching-across-open-space, hit-me-in-the-face kind that send me off the deep end.


Rained on Web

No, there isn’t a spider in this web. Yesterday I and my trusty can of ‘Raid’ sent him over the rainbow garden bridge. I admit to gritting my teeth and holding my breath as I pointed the spray in his direction. But there were no qualms at all. Yes, I know he was a “good” spider, but he made the mistake of crossing the boundary between his territory and mine. The rest of his family live on, somewhere in the garden, in their out-of-the-way nooks and crannies, without risk of annihilation. 

Fall Garden

If you have a masochistic need to be grossed out by a B-I-G spider, go check out this Facebook post from my grandson. Personally, I’m content to display the delicate beauty of the rain-etched web without its occupant.

There are a lot of things I like about autumn, but the sudden influx of spiders is not one of them. ::shudder::

~  ~  ~



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