4 thoughts on “Summer Snapshot: Pebble Beach

  1. They were my steppingstones! How’d you know! Beautiful words, Carol.

  2. Nonigrace says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Carol!

  3. elderfox says:

    Hope you had a great B-DAY my friend. Just finished reading all of your Aunt’s posts…sure hope I have as much “gumpshun” as she in my elder years 🙂 I saw some “special-take-home” rocks in your beach pic. When we lived on the Sound I used to bring “special” ones home ’til Mom said “No…No more”. Have a couple of Dr appointments coming up soon as J J has a “3 days off” week. I’m going to frame that Carnegie “…stepping stone…” quote 🙂

  4. Great quote! My Dad was fond of saying he went to the school of “hard knocks.”

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