Seeking summertime serenity?

Summer’s eve!

Anticipating deep breaths

of rose and peony infused air

Long, languid days

Luscious berries

blossoms and bees

Deck time

and solitude


Whether skies turn out to be cloudless or cloud filled, the whole idea of SUMMER conveys an element of relaxation, a less scheduled pace and some vacation time. We covet getting away from the rat race, with stolen moments of serenity in holiday destinations or secluded garden sanctuaries.


Is it realistic? Probably not. Vacations aren’t for everyone. There are no holiday weeks set aside in some calendars, no opportunities to ‘get away’. But most people still dream of summertime for simpler stress-free days, and time away from the mundane.

So how can we achieve that and make summer the special time we envision? Perhaps it means getting up a half hour earlier so we can sip morning coffee on the deck or porch steps, and savour the silence before the day’s routines begin. Maybe we can plan ahead… shuffle schedules to allow for an hour or two enjoying the flowers on a walk through one of the city’s parks. Or make a picnic supper, spread a quilt on the lawn and enjoy a quiet hour in the backyard.

If we’re among the ‘house-bound’ population, we could spread out that quilt on the couch or floor, order in some deli potato salad and cold chicken, and make up lemonade for a homestyle picnic, perhaps invite a neighbour in to join us for lunch or later for an old-fashioned hour of tea, cookies and conversation. Or if company doesn’t appeal, simply set aside an hour of uninterrupted reading with tea and the current book of choice. If we’re writers, that might be an uninterrupted hour of writing! We can put on a nature-themed CD for seaside background ambience, close our eyes and savour the serenity as we develop a plot.

The point is to be intentional about creating memorable times. We’re at summer’s eve. Get ready to leap in with abandon and find your unique moments of joy.

What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

~  ~  ~


6 thoughts on “Seeking summertime serenity?

  1. cleemckenzie says:

    You’re right. There is a languid quality to summer that isn’t there in any other season. The light, perhaps. Or maybe it’s warmth and feeling that all is well as long as both surround us. Then, as your beautiful poem suggests, the berries are out there for the picking.

    Thank you for the visit to The Write Game. Always love to meet new people.

    • Carol says:

      Thanks for the return visit. 🙂

      Yes, perhaps the light of wonderfully longer days… starting and ending a day in winter’s darkness can be depressing.

  2. We get up just after dawn in the summer time for the very reasons you mention. There’s something spiritual about meeting the day at its start. This summer I hope to sell the house and start packing. Strange desire, but it feels so long overdue and almost unlikely at the same time. Learning to live in the now is helping though.

    • Carol says:

      I can imagine you sipping morning coffee out on your deck, overlooking the lake as it lightens. I hope your sale plans pan out, although I won’t like the feeling that you’re no longer a ‘BC neighbour’ if you end up moving.

  3. elderfox says:

    Well it will be a nice time to be moving if J J passes her interview in Spokane and gets the insurance job she has applied for. Yep, could be another move OR we get a car trip to eastern Wash (???) Not exactly what we envisioned for THIS summer.
    mE .

    • Carol says:

      Another friend talking about moving! 😐 I view it with mixed feelings, although I know how much it would mean to JJ to get a job that would utilize her expertise and years of experience.

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