Talk about cold feet!

You were duly warned. You were. I distinctly remember saying, “we’re probably doomed to an abundance of cruising analogies here for the next little while.”

Then I began browsing through the 500+ photos I took last week. A lot are just mediocre shots; I’ll undoubtedly trash a good many of them. But the odd one made me smile… made me remember the delight of discovery.

Below the massive Hubbard Glacier, casually riding a calved chunk of ice, was a gull who… in my mind, at least… had cold feet. She stood there for a time, then took off to flap circles in the sky before settling back on the iceberg. (I imagined she was getting her circulation re-energized.)

Cruise 5

Not far from the gull were two spotted ice seals who periodically slid off and then clambered back on an iceberg, eventually solving the problem of cold ‘feet’ by holding theirs aloft and resting on blubbered tummies.

Seals 1

Yes, I realize I was letting my imagination run wild, but that’s what writers of fiction do. We imagine, ask “what’s happening?” and “why?” and sometimes make up fanciful applications.

For me, those ‘cold feet’ are reminiscent of my jitters when I think about sending my stories out into the world. After a little agitation I settle back into my office chair and go back to the more familiar environment of writing or revising, even if it’s not the most desirable place to be.

I think many of us accommodate the negatives in our lives by rationalizing and adapting instead of trying to overcome.

Am I wrong? (A better question might be, can you dream up a more reasonable analogy from these photos?) 😉

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Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

9 thoughts on “Talk about cold feet!

  1. Gotta say, my friend, your photos (and titles) are always just right! Did it appear there was more ice melt than on your last trip? Or did you not go that far north? I see Shari is off on a road trip, visiting or research?

    1. While 98% of Alaskan glaciers are receding, the Hubbard Glacier is one that’s still advancing. Comparing this year’s photos with those from 2009 and 2003, I couldn’t see any differences.

      Shari’s trip next month will be holiday time, visiting with family and sightseeing, but I’m pretty sure she’ll also be gathering inspiration along the way. 🙂

  2. I think the seagull is saying, I was so sure she said to turn left at the 7th ice berg?

    The seals:
    Sally, don’t move and maybe they won’t notice us.

    Don’t move, my butt! I can’t. It’s frozen to the spot. You and your dumb ideas. “Let’s lay on the white rock. Sun for awhile. Get away from it all!” Shish!

    1. LOL! You might be right on both counts! I was surprised the seals stayed put as the ship slid past them. We were pretty close.

  3. Great pictures.Those seals just make me smile whenever I see them. They are probably saying, “Lets pose for the silly tourists.” or maybe one is saying, “Does this iceberg make my butt look fat?”

  4. I think they observed you. After all, you were visiting their natural habitat.

    The huge aquariums housing sharks and other wildlife come to mind. We feel safe because they’re contained and can’t hurt us. Perhaps they felt the same way as your ship sailed by.

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