Disappointment… or not!

I should have known better. I’ve tried before to take shots of the moon with my ‘big girl’ camera, and despite its zoom capabilities, they’ve never quite managed to replicate what my eyes see. But Wednesday evening as we drove home from the church and discovered the moon rising low and large, I couldn’t resist trying again, using the only camera I had with me… my iPhone’s.

Full Moon

The resulting lunar blob is insignificant, barely more than a golden glow in the ebony night sky. And yet… and yet, when I get it uploaded to the computer, this view appeals to me almost more than the crisp orb of previous attempts. When I tilt my monitor, the focus becomes not so much on the moon, but on the moodiness it paints into the surrounding sky and landscape.

My initial disappointment has been replaced by the realization that the less-than-perfect can sometimes be of more value to me than that for which I intentionally strive.

My mother would have called such discoveries “happy accidents” but I think of them as God bumps — nudges in a better direction, perhaps intended to help me navigate the challenges of my writing journey. What I take away from this nudge is that perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be! Doing the best I can with what I have may well produce something far better than I could hope.

Have any happy accidents or God bumps occurred in your life lately?

~  ~  ~


9 thoughts on “Disappointment… or not!

  1. I love your definition of a God-bump. I’ve always thought of God-bumps like goosebumps, awe tingles. But I like thinking of them as nudges in a better direction. And I love how the trees frame that moon.

  2. Shari Green says:

    I love this, Mom. Nudges in a better direction… (I have such a wise mom.)

  3. elderfox says:

    Gorgeous!!! And I love your “God bumps” and what Shari commented re your “Nudges in a better direction”. M’dear friend, your “wisdom” always has me re-thinking about a lot of happenings in our lives of late.

  4. I agree, Carol, this photo says something very important. Plus there’s a mystic about it that sends shivers up my arms. I like it too. I’ve had too many happy accidents to mention here today. I especially like how you reminded me.

  5. Hi Carol – As with writing, that emotional experience for the viewer takes a photo from nice to memorable. Blessings, Susan 🙂

  6. Carol says:

    Thanks to each of you for adding your thoughts. Now I need to respond to the nudges and get back to trying to do my best.

  7. Judith Robl says:

    Sorry to be late to the party, but I love the photo. You have just defined serendipity. 🙂

  8. Laura Best says:

    God bumps…I really like that. Sometime it takes a while for us to recognize the God bumps in our lives, but they are there.

  9. Wow on that photo…as I looked it it, it seemed to move, the dark closing in the moon ever so slightly. Optical illusion I am thinking! No God bumps lately, but yes and yes on them coming to us-and being aware and awake when they arrive is key!

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