Winter Cold and Olympic Gold

You know the feeling… that curl-into-yourself-to-try-and-get-warm kind of feeling when you’re shivering and sure your teeth might chip from all their chattering? My rhododendrons are feeling that way in our record low temperatures this week. Now, before someone reminds me that a windchill of -14 celsius isn’t exactly bitter compared to what others have  experienced this winter, I hasten to add I know it’s only considered  c-o-l-d  if you live on the Pacific west coast and aren’t accustomed to this kind of weather. Some years we’re mowing lawns by now, but this year we’re frowning at the forecast for snow this weekend.


The birds congregate around our bird feeders and gossip about the groundhog who dared to predict six more weeks of this misery. They huddle mournfully against the frigid wind and do battle with the squirrels who challenge them for first dibs at the sunflower seeds and peanuts.

Meanwhile, I’ve dug through the closet and brought out my special toasty red mittens and will wait out the weather by watching parts of the XXII Olympic Winter Games — not the opening ceremony but some of my favourite sports, hoping Canada will do at least as well this year as they did at our Vancouver 2010 Games (26 medals including a record 14 gold).


In between my sessions of watching, I’ll be writing… or perhaps I’ll be doing both at the same time. It’s not a bad way to spend a few wintry days.

What are your plans for this weekend?

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6 thoughts on “Winter Cold and Olympic Gold

  1. Shari Green says:

    I’ve got a sick boy here, so haven’t done much these past couple days, & I expect tomorrow will be more of the same: keeping him company while he half dozes, half watches TV. I’m getting some queries sent out, at least, and would love to start in on a new project soon. Maybe a sports-themed story will be inspired by watching Olympics??

    Go, Team Canada! *\o/*

    • Carol says:

      Sorry to hear illness has hit your household… hope he feels better very soon. Give him a hug from me. At least it’s an opportunity for a little Olympics watching together.

  2. elderfox says:

    You guys are doing great in the Olympics…hope your “boy” gets better soon, Shari. And like “Mom” says it’s always great to share TV watching together. We had some snow the other day, but just been cold (although cloudy this a.m.) and heaters on during the day. But boy are our bedrooms cold! Keep well.

    • Carol says:

      I’m spending too much time watching the Olympics on TV, but loving every minute. I love seeing Canada’s medal count growing, but it’s exciting to cheer for good performances by any of the athletes.

  3. Helga Bolleter says:

    My rhodos look exactly the same. I always worry if they come back to life, and they always do. Meanwhile, birds cluster around the suet feeder, sometimes a dozen or more at a time. Can’t see the feeder for all the birds! And yes, let’s hope for more medals in Sochi. So far so good.

  4. Carol says:

    I have to remember to water our rhododendrons as soon as it warms up, or they may not come back… it’s been so dry this winter.

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