Slogging or skimming along…

Do you ever have days when getting from one point to another — in any endeavour — is a major effort? Achieving forward momentum is like trying to run in knee-deep water or snow.

Hanging on the wall of our little cabin is a pair of my mother’s snowshoes — a cross between the Alaskan and  Heron styles, wooden frames with rawhide lacing and leather harnesses. My Dad’s are at home in our basement — a similar but larger version of Mom’s. I still remember the first time I went snowshoeing with Mom, and the amazing sensation of NOT sinking up to my knees as I had been, prior to putting them on.


There was a knack to moving easily on them, but even my inexperienced and inept attempts allowed me to keep up with my petite and very fit mother. (I don’t want to admit she might have been accommodating me!) What a difference the right equipment made!

While I was in the cabin last week I had a small epiphany about my current manuscript — how the addition of one phrase … a clue… early in the story would solve the major dilemma I was having with a later scene. A glance at those snowshoes reminded me how much easier it was to utilize a proven technique for the desired result than it was to slog blindly ahead with stubborn determination. I’d been doing the latter for far too long and had become worn out and frustrated.

Now I’m back on the right track, as I get this manuscript ready to accompany me to the Surrey International Writers’ Conference this weekend. Just four more sleeps!

Do you know of any different analogies for things that have made your life or writing easier?

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Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

5 thoughts on “Slogging or skimming along…

  1. Epiphanies are wonderful aren’t they? Especially when they come at just the right time. Have fun at your conference, Carol. I’ll be thinking of you. 🙂

  2. I’m so impressed by your story. My dear mother had terrible feet and though she was fit, she couldn’t walk far. She could out-swim me any day right up until she passed.

    Lovely story, Carol.

  3. Great post. I have yet to meet someone who actually used snowshoes. Stop by the Federation of BC Writers table at SiWC from 12 – 2:00 on Saturday and say Hello. This time i won’t be on crutches.

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