Are you leaving footprints?


A bear wandered through our property the other night. He left his ‘calling card’ and other evidence of his presence, plus his ‘footprints’ in the fence boards as he scrambled over.

Footprints 2
(A click on the photo will enlarge it for a closer look.)

I sometimes wonder at the footprints I’m leaving. Do you? What will people remember of us after our wandering and scrambling are done? Will it be our lives, our faithfulness, how we have loved, the words left behind on pages, or … what? I doubt I should be concerned it will be my dirty windows (and they are dirty). Then again, I recall someone saying eyes are the windows to one’s soul, so perhaps I should be wondering what of my inner self, if anything, is visible to those who may be trying to peer in.

Neglecting to reflect God’s love and lordship contradicts my purpose in life. If His presence within me is not visible to others in how I live and write, I will be a failed creation.

So much to ponder as I re-evaluate my destination!


Included in the planned blog changes I mentioned last week is a shortened blogging week. I will be reducing my posts here to two a week instead of three, writing on Mondays and Fridays. Although few people regularly leave comments, five years worth of statistics indicate those are the two days receiving the most visits here. This scheduling change will give me a wee bit more time during the week to devote to my other writing. I have a novel that needs serious attention between now and October’s SiWC.

I hope my ‘musings’ here will still be of interest to you despite being less frequent.


“We writers, as we work our way deeper into our craft,
learn to drop more and more personal clues.
Like burglars who secretly wish to be caught,
we leave our fingerprints on broken locks,
our voiceprints in bugged rooms,
our footprints in the wet concrete.”

Ross MacDonald

~  ~  ~


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

6 thoughts on “Are you leaving footprints?

  1. I am so glad I found your blog, Carol. We have much in common and have had so little time to really know each other. These days especially I am wondering what footprints I am leaving. I tend to be leaving more tire tracks as we spend so much time running to hospitals.

  2. Footprints left behind… I’ve been thinking much about that. Your words bring more perspective and clarity. Your consistency in posting is something I appreciate. Consistency, whether in blog posts or other areas of my life, is an ongoing battle. You encourage me! I look forward to Mondays and Wednesdays 🙂

  3. Your dirty windows won’t matter because the sorrow will be too great for anyone to notice. I think about this stuff a lot. My DH and I spent an hour at two separate cemeteries in Manitoba recently looking for my great-grandfather’s family plot. We didn’t find it. I was so disappointed. Having seen photos of him as a father and business owner, I wanted to desperately to pay my respects. Has he left his footprint? I have only to look into the eyes of my sons and grandchildren to see that he has indeed.

  4. I think we never really know what footprints we’re leaving. The things others remember about us may not be exactly what we would have guessed. Sometimes people tell me, “You said such-and-such to me once, and it was so helpful, and I think about it all the time.” And while such-and-such sounds like something I would say, I don’t even remember saying it to this person.
    So we never know. It’s more like: cast your bread on the waters. It will go places you never expect.

  5. What a great thought. It’s one that I do think of often. Especially because of my granddaughters. One of them has my name. I’m not sure I thought so much about my legacy to my children…maybe age has something to do with it. My daily prayer is that the Lord will use me in great and mighty ways. I think it was Erma Bombeck who said she prayed that when she got to heaven she had used everything God gave her.
    Thanks for a great post.
    I had to cut way back too. My plate is full and over flowing!
    Love you

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