Contemplating blog changes…


Our marsh in the late evening is a quiet place. The birds are silent, geese and ducks have hidden away for the night, and the tree frogs haven’t begun their chirping. The stillness is only broken by the occasional buzz of a passing insect.


It’s changed a lot in the time we’ve lived here. Sixteen years ago it was a pond – it even has a name on municipal maps – but through the years wild grasses have filled in the shallow areas. Now in the summertime the only visible water is in the deeper parts where a stream runs through.

Life’s full of change; nothing is totally static. If it were, it would become stagnant.

As I flipped my calendar to another new month it occurred to me that later in June I’ll be marking this blog’s fifth birthday. Eight hundred posts in five years – a consistent average of over three posts a week – and nearing one hundred thousand views. Whew! I wonder if anything I’ve said has been of any real interest or value, or if I’ve simply been occupying myself with my “mental meanderings”.

Musings have a way of taking my thoughts on a journey. I start out with an innocuous seed of an idea and before long it’s shot up into a gawky plant that branches out all over the place!

That happens in my novel writing, too, and during revisions a lot of ruthless pruning has to take place. Pruning can be hard, but it clears away deadwood and makes for a healthier plant (or story) in the end. So I’m thinking it might be time to tackle some pruning here on the blog.

Watch for changes later this month. Let me know which ones you like… and yes, which ones you don’t. 🙂

~  ~  ~

9 thoughts on “Contemplating blog changes…

  1. Sue Harrison says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing those changes, Carol. It’s always interesting to see how God leads…

  2. Judith Robl says:

    Re-evaluating is a constant process. We are never really “done.” I’m with Sue. It will be interesting to see how God leads.

  3. That is a lot of posting and alot of viewing 🙂 And it absolutely holds interest and value. Thanks for the reminder that pruning is always in order. Looking forward to seeing what’s ahead.

  4. territiffany says:

    Love seeing changes. 🙂

  5. Katt says:

    Over one hundred thousand views!!!! Yippee!!!!! I can’t wait to see the changes. I know I’ll love them.
    Hugs and blessings my friend

  6. Darlene says:

    You have been an ambitious blogger and have shared many words of wisdom. I am a faithful follower and look forward to your changes.

  7. Carol says:

    My thanks to each of you for your kind comments. The changes will come about slowly throughout the month, beginning this week with a new format. Hopefully you’ll find it more streamlined — a less frivolous look with more focus on the words and a slightly larger font that should make the posts easier to read.

  8. Norma McGuire says:

    I absolutely love the new colour scheme, and that scroll work is so beautiful! Although I don’t often comment, I read all of your posts, and thoroughly enjoy every one. You do have valuable content in your posts… maybe that’s why you have had almost 100,000 visitors!

  9. I also like the scroll at the top. Very pretty. Readability is important to me, and the black lettering on the white background is perfect.

    I enjoy your posts, Carol.

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