Patience and Endurance…



The Coquihalla Highway was closed Monday due to a major snowfall. As we travelled homeward on Tuesday — the last day of April — a lot of the snow had disappeared, but it certainly didn’t resemble spring. The above verses of Romans (8:25 and 5:4) seemed particularly appropriate. There’s no rushing springtime. We just have to endure and be patient.

Writers know all about endurance and patience so this should be a cinch. In her guest post on Seekerville yesterday Connie Mann talked about endurance and why it’s too soon to give up.

“’Almost there’ is a tough, dry place to try to keep your bearings and stay focused,” Connie said. “It is lonely and frustrating and the doubt gremlins work overtime, whispering horrible things in your ear, day after month after year. The temptation to quit rears its ugly head, making even the most confident writer question the dream. If this is where you are today, let me encourage you. This particular wilderness, this season, won’t last forever, but it is often another stop, another way the Great Creator toughens our resolve for the rest of the journey.”

My plans for May are to write and to garden. I have control over the former, but not the latter if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Then again, if it doesn’t, I’ll be more inclined to stay inside and spend more time writing, so I suppose it’s all good. It’ll help me persevere.

Welcome, May! On your way in please collect spring somewhere and deposit it here, too.

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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

6 thoughts on “Patience and Endurance…

  1. Focusing on what we can do (writing) and waiting patiently for what we’d like to do (gardening) – – very wise words for the 1st of May:) Hope you get some spring soon!

    1. Locally, it’s pretty safe to say spring is underway, but in the areas between me and my various family members it’s still struggling to gain a foothold, so travelling is a challenge. But it’s coming; it’s definitely coming. I have faith! LOL!

  2. You, young lady, have a good attitude. I am so in love with spring. I hear loons, eagles, cooper hawks. What could be more perfect? If it isn’t warm, then I too will stay indoors and write. And bake cookies!

    1. When autumn arrives I’ll be confirming it’s my favourite time of year, but right now… with spring’s new growth and bright colours slowly spreading over winter’s bleakness, I love it, too. And, cookies? Mmm… cookies would make it even better. Except I don’t bake them very often. 😦

  3. I liked your last line the best. Well we are rid of the snow here, but by a margin, as it was still snowing a little more than a week ago. Finally sun today. I set out some plants for some actual rays, and tonight it’s actually quite balmy. I am sure it’s on its way to you. Haven’t had time to leave comments, but am still enjoying reading your uplifting posts and pausing for thoughts and reflections. I am experiencing a sort of wilderness and resolve type moment or phase, concerning a project I have undertaken which constantly seems to changing colors on me. And just when I thought those rapids were well over, with barely a chance to catch a breath…..what’s that in the distance, uh oh…is that Niagara Falls dead ahead ? !

  4. We’re fast approaching the “safe planting season,” which begins after Mother’s Day.

    I related to the dry, almost there place. Having experienced it prior to my book contract, it’s very real and discouraging. I’m so glad I didn’t give up.

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