All God’s Creatures…


DSC09765Do you remember that squirrel? The one who said he knew when to quit? Well, he didn’t.

Hubby and I went for a wander down to our marsh one frosty morning recently. The air was fresh and still, the woods silent. There used to be beavers here but the beaver house seems to have been empty for the past couple years and it’s slowly sinking into oblivion.



We took in the quiet, took a few photos, and returned to the house just in time to see that cheeky rodent swinging the bird feeder back and forth. Apparently he decided if he couldn’t reach the seeds in it, he would spill them out on the ground. When we approached, he reluctantly retreated… into the house.

He’s spent so much time making himself at home around here that he and his little friend have discovered a way inside. Afterwards we could hear him scampering through the soffits. I realize I’ve repeatedly said I don’t mind feeding the squirrels along with the birds — after all, they’re God’s little creatures, too — but I draw the line at letting them take up residence in my house.

So that’s it! The two of them have fallen victim to their greed and are now in a Squirrel Relocation Program – they’ve been trapped and taken away to be released on the other side of the lake. Goodbye, Sayonara, Squirrel One and Squirrel Two, and I’m quite sure there’s one more that will soon be joining you.


No writing application to give you on this one, just a gleeful grin of triumph.


Have you ever had your generosity come back to bite you (figuratively speaking)?

~  ~  ~

14 thoughts on “All God’s Creatures…

  1. Judith Robl says:

    Oh, my friend. There is a writerly connection to your post. As writers, we have habits, turns of phrase, attitudes that we carry into our writing. And we don’t mind feeding those habitual squirrels – as long as they don’t take up residence in our current works in progress. But we go back and edit them out – drive them to the other side of the lake – when we are polishing.

    In draft work, it’s okay to feed the squirrel (use the cliche as a place holder) as long as we know we’re just feeding the squirrel, not letting him take up residence in the work.

    And when the work is polished, we can indulge in our gleeful grin of triumph. 🙂

  2. christicorbett says:

    Fun post!

    I recall getting a phone call at work from my downstairs neighbor, who was reporting all kinds of strange sounds upstairs, and since I lived alone she knew something was fishy.

    So I went home, swung open the front door, and there, sitting in my windowsill, was the BIGGEST squirrel I’d ever seen! It had snuck in through the chimney and wiggled inside through the non-working stove.

    And then completely destroyed my apartment.

    As I freaked out, it freaked out too and ran across the room into my bathroom. I slammed that door then called animal control. They came, captured it, and relocated it. Animal control agreed it was huge too, and then I recalled it being the same one that I watched open the garbage can lid, open a pizza box, steal a slice of pizza and scamper off.

    But, like your squirrel, I really appreciate the concept of never giving up!

    Christi Corbett

    • Carol says:

      I wouldn’t have believed there were B-I-G squirrels if I hadn’t seen one on my deck last year. He was bigger than a cat… and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to encounter that one inside my house. You were brave!

  3. catchats says:

    Fun post! Those squirrels met their match! We had squirrels take up residence in our attic several years back. What a nuisance they were! It took nerves of steel to get them out. Hubby blocked off the holes where they were going in while they were out foraging for food. They were furious and came back spitting and hissing at us. Not the cute and adorable little Disneyesque creatures we like to think they are.

    I liked Judith’s writer connection to the squirrels. Good comparison. We all have those pesky squirrels plaguing us at times. My squirrels are called Distraction and Mr. Inner Critic. When I can banish those two, I get so much writing done and feel so much moe productive.

    • Carol says:

      If only we could find the holes that our invaders were using!! It always amazes me that squirrels can get through the tiniest of spaces to access something or get somewhere I’d prefer they didn’t.

  4. Carol, I must say this was a very interesting post … the handling of the unwanted house guest. Coming from mostly urban settings, my unwanted house guests were more ot he two legged variety. I wonder if there are little cages where I could relocate them when after the standard three days … they start to stink like dead fish 🙂 More great photos too !!

    • Carol says:

      I suppose there are two-legged visitors that can outlast their welcome, Florence, but I haven’t encountered any. I’m always wishing my visitors could stay longer! (Not so the squirrel variety, however.)

  5. cluculzwriter says:

    Dang, my message disappeared. And of course, it was something profound and deeply moving. Ha. Yeah, right. I hope the little fellows have a nice trip. I would like a nice trip. Can I go to the other side with them?

    Yes, I’m stuck on my WIP. I tried baking cookies, but all that ended up doing was filling my belly. Oh well, back at it.

    Happy trails, Squirrels.

  6. cluculzwriter says:

    ps. love the photos~!

    • Carol says:

      Sorry you had a problem with your comment, but at least having to redo it gave you an excuse to avoid that WIP a little longer and eat cookies. 😉 I’m sure the squirrels would welcome your company… they now reside on the other side of Stave Lake.

  7. Shari Green says:

    Congrats on the successful relocation! (And thanks, Judith, for the great writing analogy, lol.) I would definitely draw the line at moving in, too (maybe you remember we had one in the attic in Edmonton and DH had to do a relocation program then!).

    • Carol says:

      I’d forgotten about the Edmonton invasion. So you can well appreciate our desire not to have them inside. I know there are lots of others in the woods around here, but we’re hoping they aren’t familiar with the entry points their predecessors used.

  8. Laura Best says:

    Love the photos, Carol!

    Last fall we discovered some strange noises coming from our basement. Turned out to be a squirrel. Not sure how Hubby “relocated” the little devil, I just know there are no more strange noises. 🙂

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