It’s coming: a new month… a new season… a time of preparation

Yesterday was the last Sunday of the church year. Next Sunday we begin again. Advent — advenio, “to come to” — is a four week period when we prepare for the coming of the Christ. We prepare for his birth at Christmas, his coming into our lives, and his eventual Second Coming.

For many, this preparation also means getting organized for the December 25th celebration… gift purchases, food preparation, home decoration. My hubby has put up outside Christmas lights already, although he won’t turn them on until this weekend. I can hardly wait! I love the special holiday lights that sparkle through December nights. But none of them can equal the glory of God’s light.

This was sunrise a couple weeks ago while we were at our Cariboo cabin.

I began my NaNoWriMo month of writing there, pulling out my laptop every morning soon after dawn when the men left for their day of hunting. Without my usual daily distractions I accumulated words in excess of the daily average and returned home to post over 18,000 words on Day #10. Since then… well, let’s just say I haven’t quite maintained that average.

November 30th, and its conclusion of NaNoWriMo, is creeping steadily closer. I may or may not complete 50,000 words by then, but I will have made significant progress on the first draft of a new novel. I will be ready to change my focus from intense writing to a more normal pace which will give me time to also concentrate on Advent.

I love all the different preparations that will come with the new month. The house will have evergreen boughs and twinkling lights, and the fragrance of sugar cookies and shortbread. There will be family and friends visiting, special music playing, and wrapped presents under a tree. I hope there will be a little snow, too, although I know better than to count on it.

And there will also be time — time to ponder the coming miracle of God’s personal Christmas gift to the world, to me. Oh, the wonder of it!

What’s your favourite part of this season of preparation?

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8 thoughts on “It’s coming: a new month… a new season… a time of preparation

  1. The aroma of baking shortbread, subtle, pure, buttery. I’m fairly salivating over the words alone. Scent is so evocative. We need to remember to use it more in our writing — at least, I do. The aroma of warm dipping chocolate has permeated our atmosphere in this house for many years. Christmas isn’t ready til the candies are hand dipped.

  2. I’ve been contemplating how I want to enjoy the moments of each day this holiday season, not get caught up in the commercial side of things… your words have set a beautiful tone for me today. My favorite thing is the sparkly lights 🙂

  3. I especially love the music. I love the cracking fire and Neville Brand singing Ava Marie in the background. Or kd lang singing Hallelujah. I don’t have all my family home this year, so I try not to think about that. But I feel blessed. Cluculz Lake is a beautiful Christmas setting. We have new neighbours next door, and they’ve been busy lighting up their yard. It’s really spectacular. Hard to be an old humbug with so much festive emotions in the air.

    Your photos are so beautiful, Carol. I would love to be a bug on the wall at your place at Christmas. Okay, maybe not a bug. A bird outside witnessing all the splendor.

  4. Baking with my kids, wrapping packages, candle-lighting and carols at church, quiet moments admiring the beauty of a lit tree in a darkened room, family arriving….

  5. Judith, I haven’t made hand dipped chocolates since my children were small although I occasionally make fudge. My waistline can’t handle the temptation. 🙂

    Brooke, I agree… I prefer to avoid the commercialism, too. My goal is to begin preparations early so I’m not rushed at the end and can focus on the important things, but I still find myself browsing the stores close to Christmas, and wrapping last minute gifts Christmas Eve, just enjoying the festive ambiance.

    Joylene, you wouldn’t have to be a bug or a bird if you came… I’d invite you in to warm up by the fire and share a hot chocolate (or wine). I love the music, too, and usually indulge myself with a new Christmas CD every year.

    Shari, “family arriving” is always a highlight, and I know you’re looking forward to having all of yours home. I’ll be happy with *some* of mine here, but wishing for all. Thankful for small blessings!

    1. Turns out, I’ll only have some of mine home after all… Son1’s plans have changed & he’ll be staying in Calgary. 😦 So I will be very happy with my *some* (DD + partner), but wishing for all, too.

  6. I love the music, finding the perfect gift for a freind or family member, remembering all the wonderful Christmases past, opening cards and letters from friends far away and the feeling of goodwill all around me. I wil have any early Christmas with Mom in the retirement home in Medicine Hat on December 7.

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