Seasons of life in transition

I wasn’t expecting it… not yet. The subtle sweetness that whispers the approach of fall caught me off guard yesterday. We’ve been away for the past four weeks, enjoying summer’s sunshine and heat. But as we travelled homeward I sensed a gentle shift. Verdant trees and bushes were tinged with copper and gold. Flowers still bloomed abundantly in the landscape, but against a changing backdrop.

The transition between summer and fall is subtle. Days are still summery while nights are edged in shivers and mornings arrive wet with dew.  The air smells different. Peeks of colour-stained foliage are hidden among blowzy late-season blossoms. Our focus is elsewhere until suddenly the new season can’t be denied.

I’m inclined to think transitions in life happen the same way. They tiptoe in between our everyday activities unnoticed until everything else strips away and bares them to our view.

Three years ago I had retired as a choir director; this fall I’m back at the task. Two years ago I found myself writing in a new genre; this year I seem to be writing in two different ones at the same time. When did the changes happen and what prompted them? I don’t recall. They just seem to have slipped in while I wasn’t paying attention.

I’m not normally a big fan of change, but I love autumn so will welcome its associated transformations. Some of the other changes may be a challenge, but I’m sure I’ll adapt. I always do.

Have there been changes in your life and/or writing, or are you currently in a transition period? How do you feel about change?


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A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

10 thoughts on “Seasons of life in transition

  1. Çarol, I love fall and your pics are beautiful as always.

    Like you, my life is in transition. We just sent our Eldest child to college, so the family dynamics with the remaining three are definitely evolving. Also, my dear hubby was promoted to a position where he now works out of our home. I’ve been alone during the days for so long that having him here is a distraction I need to learn to transition through! A fun change, but one I’ll have to learn before I completely forget I should be writing!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. My life feels like its on hold. Not something I expected. I don’t like change that I didn’t know was coming. LOL. Sounds a bit controlling, eh? Yes, I’m not a fall person. I do love the colours, but sadly, fall means winter up here and winter is cold!

    Beautiful photos, Carol. Simply lovely.

  3. I don’t like change either, but I hear myself tell people…change is good….change is growth! What am I thinking! 😀
    Yes, my life changes all the time. The older I get the easier it seems for me to adjust. I have learned not to take so much control over my life, and let the Lord lead the way. Has made a huge difference in my life…just surrendering to Him.
    I love autumn too, but we don’t see that in Florida. I love your pictures…….they remind me of a different time in my life.

  4. The change of seasons isn’t quite so subtle, or beautiful, at my house. My kiddos just went back to school amidst a flurry of getting ready, and the acorns are falling on our roof which sounds like boulders crashing THROUGH the roof sometimes.

    Lovely pictures!

    Christi Corbett

  5. I love fall also and your description of the changing season. Also not a big fan of change! I think down deep I sense the life change, but typically ignore it… until I have no choice 🙂 Then I scramble to adapt.

  6. Has there been a change in my life? Oh YES! A very big one, that I am struggling to accept and to adapt to the changes. With His help, I will make it through the changes.

  7. I appreciate what each of you has said here. What Katt says is especially significant: in any change, we need to “let the Lord lead the way.” That’s how we make it through those difficult transitions.

  8. Change is often very subtle, but that’s often a good thing as we seem to take gradual change much more easily in stride. What is our truth one year can be totally different the next. To neevr say never can be a wise motto.
    I love this time of year, but I’m also a big fan of fall.!

  9. You’re definitely onto something true here, Carol. Most transitions in life do come slowly, subtly. Every once in a while, there will be a huge one – like a sudden death, job loss, elopement. But usually, change is almost done by the time we sense it. Funny that life is like that. Welcome home, Carol.

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