#WIPMADNESS Final Winners

Sorry for the delay, fellow Wipsters, but I’m finally back from my week of ‘smelling the flowers’ and all the good things that entails… reading, enjoying family, relaxing in the peacefulness of our lakeside retreat,  and basking in birthday pampering. 🙂

The #wipmadness week #5 winner’s name has been drawn. The winner of a novel of her choice from my summer reading basket, is…

Angelina C. Hansen

Congratulations, Angelina. I hope there’s something in the basket that tickles your fancy. Let me know your choice, along with your mailing address, in an e-mail to caroljgarvin [at] gmail [dot] com, and I’ll get it into the mail this week.

Then, as promised, the names of all those who didn’t win one of the July weekly draws were put back into the proverbial hat and one extra draw was made, this time for a copy of Julia Cameron’s THE SOUND OF PAPER. That winner is…


Congratulations to you, too, Lisa! Send me your mailing address at the above address so I can get it off to you.


Now that August is underway, I hope you’ve all set fresh goals and are making good progress towards meeting them. August check ins are at Jeanne Ryan’s blog: http://jeanneryan.com/ya-adenaline/. See you there!

~  ~  ~

10 thoughts on “#WIPMADNESS Final Winners

  1. Yay! Thank you! I’ll email you straightaway. ^_^

  2. LisaAnn says:

    WOOHOOOO!!! Thanks so much… I can’t wait to read this!

  3. joylene says:

    Wow, the photograph is stunning. Can’t wait for you to put all these pics in a book. You could call it The Meanderings of a Writer.

  4. torimcrae says:

    Welcome back and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! When you made the first WIPMadness post in July I didn’t realize it was a regular thing that moves from blog to blog. (I hope I’ve got that right.) What a neat way to encourage one another to keep working toward goals. Count me in.

    • Carol says:

      Welcome aboard, Tori. This is a group of published and some working-towards-publication authors who banded together a couple years ago for what has become an annual “March Madness” month of working towards specific goals. They committed to daily online check-ins and encouraged each other throughout March. At the end of this March, however, everyone wanted to continue checking in. So a few of us have been taking a month’s turn to host a weekly Monday check-in. July was my month.

      We offer encouragement, nagging, bribes and sometimes prizes. Here’s a link to one of the earlier March Madness posts which gives a better idea of what we were originally doing: http://bit.ly/N6Xfa4

      • torimcrae says:

        Thanks for the welcome and the link. I may not belong here after all. I’ve only written first drafts of a few chapters and am far, far from publication. I’m not even sure yet if I want to be more than an essayist contributing magazine articles. Still, I do have goals and do need prodding,

      • Carol says:

        Tori, if you have writing goals and need accountability to help reach them, you’re welcome to join in.

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