Still Saturday: Unfurling and Reaching

“…reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me.”

[Philippians 3:12b – Message]


Linking with Sandra and Deidra:

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10 thoughts on “Still Saturday: Unfurling and Reaching

  1. I just took a photo in England that is similar to yours. This scripture is perfect with it.

  2. Beautiful illustration of our striving toward the sacred.

  3. Beautiful…thank you, Ellen

  4. And that is one of the main blessings in our lives… that HE reaches out to us!! Nothing could have been more amazing.

  5. smiling deep inside
    as these life-giving words
    flow like fresh rain
    to my dry places:)
    glad thanks,

  6. joylene says:

    Beautiful, Carol. There are no other words that adequately describe your photo or the scripture.

  7. jeannedamoff says:

    Important truth paired with a lovely visual. Thank you!

  8. Carol says:

    Thanks to each of you for stopping by to share my weekend post. I always appreciate those who take time to read and comment.

  9. Sharon O says:

    It gives me the ‘picture’ of a toddler reaching up to ‘the big person’ waiting to be picked up. We reach for Him in expectation…

  10. S. Etole says:

    As they reach and unfurl, they mature … what a blessing awaits in the growing.

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