Not-So-Still Saturday: Making Things Happen


When pursuing our faith and our goals in life and writing,
the things we wish for can only happen if we work to make them happen.
We must choose to act.

For some, this is a controversial concept. What’s your take on it?


“The soul of the sluggard craves and gets nothing,
while the soul of the diligent is richly supplied.”

[Proverbs 13:4]


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14 thoughts on “Not-So-Still Saturday: Making Things Happen

  1. Maureen says:

    Good words. I love the version of Ecc. 5:3 (not sure the version, sorry) “For a dream comes through much activity [a multitude of business].

  2. Were not the children of Israel instructed to take the promised land? Whatever land upon which the soles of their feet trod God would give them. It doesn’t sound like a passive endeavor to me. God gave it, and without him there would be no success. But, if they failed to act in faith, did God give them the land? He didn’t promise that he would. Blessings to you, Carol…

    • An excellent example of sanctified doing, Carol Ann. Of course, in our action-motivated society, we do lots of self-motivated unsanctified doing.
      God says to believe first, then listen, then do. In your example, the Israelites did that. We need to do it, too.

      Visiting from Jumping Tandem.

  3. I agree with proverbs. It takes work to share what we write. I wrote for a very long time without showing anyone anything. I finally showed it to a friend who has had a kong illustrious career in writing for an honest opinion. She loved it, thought it was good, but said, “you know, eventually you will have to send it to some one.”. She’s right. Blogging is my first step.

  4. Long career, not kong–k and l, sheesh…

  5. We do our part. He does His. A team effort. 🙂

  6. He has given the skillful abilities and directed our hearts. I can do some things — writing being one of them for many years, although not going the world-wide direction I had hoped with my pieces — but I sure can’t do others… not a very high-skilled baker, cooker, nurse, “sewing machine”, mechanic, artist, or techie person. God wonderfully provides the world with so many different “doers” so we can flow together. Obedience is a “good thing”. Following our Lord, however, whenever and wherever He calls us, is what counts. We’ll understand all the side-consequences when we reach Him in Heaven.

  7. bettyl says:

    I certainly agree that we have many more choices in life than we realize. Of course, listening to His voice for the right ones is crucial.

  8. Sharon O says:

    It is action and obediance… and of course discipline too.

  9. Carol, this is a little mysterious for me because I’m not sure how someone could object to the idea that we must act in our lives, even as people of faith who understand that we don’t control the world. But one important part of action is that sometimes we must act in order to experience circumstances that we then discern do *not* lead to a spiritually healthy life. But we can never know unless we do it!

    • Carol says:

      Rosslyn, thanks for chiming in here. The person who questioned the statement said if God wanted something to happen, he would make it happen whether we did anything or not. My response was to point out that God may give a person musical talent, but unless we choose to study and practise we will never learn to use that talent effectively. I thought the analogy could also be applied to our writing… that we might want to write a novel, and God might even bless us with the gift of words, but unless we make the effort to set those words onto the page, there will never be a book.

  10. Careann, I think it’s an interesting marriage — God and us. Through prayer and worship, He leads, and as we follow, He works. Filled with His Spirit, we touch those around us with His grace and mercy, His kindness and compassion, His strength and passion and perseverance, His joy and peace, His love that never fails. Without Him, I am nothing. With Him, through Him, in Him, I can do all things!

    Such sweet little hands at the keys! 🙂

    • Carol says:

      Thanks for your thoughts on this, Cindee. The “sweet little hands” belong to one of our young granddaughters who began piano lessons in January.

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