Still Saturday: Listening for Silence


                         In the stillness before night descends

                              Breath catches and waits —

                                   Absorbing the presence of God,

                                        Listening for His silence.


Linking with Sandra Heska King’s Still Saturday:


Published by Carol

A freelance writer of fiction and non-fiction living on the West Coast of Canada.

9 thoughts on “Still Saturday: Listening for Silence

  1. Beautiful. I haven’t seen any robins yet, but I watched 2 groups of swans sleeping on the ice. It was a special moment. Happy Saturday, Carol. Go Canucks!

    1. I saw my first robin yesterday, and Bob saw one a couple days ago, so apparently they’re returning. Seeing the swans would be magical. They’re so beautiful.

      Watching the Canucks’ game as I write!

  2. Thanks, Ellen and Sandra. If I were a morning person I’d enjoy the pre-dawn stillness, too, but my brain is full of cotton batten at that hour. It’s definitely not a creative time for me.

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