A Monday Admission

“There are times when nothing goes as planned…” Does that sound like an echo? Yes, I started my last post with the same words. Unfortunately this sentence doesn’t end as the previous one did, because I didn’t get my writing done. I had great intentions of visiting friends and family during the days, and catching up on my writing each night, as I’ve often done in the past. But it didn’t happen, although I haven’t exactly been standing around gathering moss. (Sorry… I needed an excuse to share this photo.) 🙂

So my Monday check-in becomes a Monday admission: the grand total of my weekend’s writing was the revision of only a half chapter. I’m hanging my head in shame. I’m contrite, but at least I’m honest. These last few days I’ve travelled, visited, and taken photos of various scenes along the way.

Today’s highlight was beachcombing, and thanks to the sharp eyes of my much-experienced “beach bum” daughter and her son, with help from my husband, there are even treasures to show for it.

So, while I’ll dutifully check in today with my March Madness and Seekerville Speedbo friends, and admit to no writing, I’m not counting this weekend as a total creative loss. Indeed, it’s been a time of re-creation and refreshment and I don’t doubt eventually my writing will benefit.

(That’s my explanation. Don’t you dare ridicule it!)

How about the rest of you? When your writing gets derailed (and I don’t doubt it occasionally does) do you count it as wasted time and get discouraged? What gets you back on track? 


9 thoughts on “A Monday Admission

  1. No, I chalk it up to research. 🙂

  2. Judith Robl says:

    You may not have gotten words on the page, but I’ll bet you stored words in your head which will eventually see the page. Love the shell with sea glass. Beautiful!

    I didn’t get anything like that much accomplished.

  3. I love that moss picture! It looks like an enchanted forrest! No, sometimes minds need to wander and rest, and then usually my ideas come after that! 🙂 So your excuse sounds great! 🙂

  4. One must live to be able put the words down. You were living this weekend, and the treasures you found are lovely. I too am a collector of sea glass. Write on….

  5. Jenn Hubbard says:

    Visiting such gorgeous places is hardly wasted time!

  6. Laura Best says:

    But what beautiful photos, Carol. At least you weren’t sitting in a chair staring off into space. You’re forgiven..Tomorrow’s another day.

  7. Carol – there is no way I would ridicule you for any of this! Just pull one of these pictures out for 15 minutes – and then WRITE away. Everything you did this weekend is nourishing for your process. And these pictures (and the time with family) is worth it. GREAT post today.

    (And I will say back to Laura above – that sometimes sitting in a chair and staring off into space is exactly what we need to do. Really and truly – it can be therapeutic in the very best way.)

  8. Once again, I am also late. This time I lost your post in my spam folder and retrieved it this morning ); … Doesn’t matter. I’m glad to be here at whatever time. You know I love your photography, and yes I think a w/e spent with nature and her beauty is not a w/e from your work. Those scenes will later be recalled in a scene, or the tranquility you felt will give you the energy you need to continue.

    Take heart, Carol. We all have those “off” days and the best way to deal with them is to kick back and enjoy 🙂

  9. Shari Green says:

    Our creative spirits NEED times of re-creation and refreshment. It’s not an excuse; it’s a necessity. 🙂

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