Still Saturday: Embers



Amid the ashes embers still glow

Former heat faded to warmth

But remembered

In the pile of firewood

Waiting to rekindle


“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God,
which is in you through the laying on of my hands.”

[2 Timothy 1:6 – NIV] 



Sharing “Still Saturday” with Sandra Heska King


7 thoughts on “Still Saturday: Embers

  1. What a vivid reminder to fan the flame. I’m sitting here, chilled, but just staring at that photo, I feel its warmth. And it reminds me of quiet nights around a campfire, just sitting–gazing at it, gazing at the stars, listening to nothing but the crackling wood.

    We need a new tent.

    Thanks so much for connecting with Still Saturday, my friend.

    • Your mind works like mine, Sandra, skippity-hopping from one thought to another! I love staring into a campfire, too, and snow in the air today makes me long for those summer outings. These embers were in our fireplace last night — after a quiet evening at home.

  2. joylene says:

    i’ve got our fire going in the fireplace and then I read your post. So poignant. Leaves me quiet and reflective.

  3. Nothing like a nice fire on a cold night. Great reminder of how we need to fan the flames to keep them warm and vibrant, useful to others seated around the fire.

  4. I’ve had pictures of fireplace fires on my blog a couple of times this week- it’s the season, isn’t it? This was a lovely after/before reflection. Thanks, Carol.

  5. Thanks for stopping in, Joylene, Shelly and Diana.Yes, a cosy fire on a damp or chilly winter evening is always so welcome. We have a gas fireplace in the livingroom that would be handier to use at the flick of its switch, but we rarely sit in there. I love the crackle of a wood fire in the family room fireplace, and its slow demise into coals at the end of the evening. The analogy of fire and our faith is something to contemplate.

  6. That is a lovely picture. Keeping that “flame” burning does require tending. Great reminder, thanks.

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